11 thoughts on “Has anyone created a Warforged PB from Eberron?”

  1. So, Tim Franzke, after just a cursory look over your warforged PB’s, it looks like you’re just adding a racial move to the given classes.  Would you consider writing a racial playbook for the Warforged that delved a bit deeper into just what it is to be a member of that race?

  2. I won’t. I made make a few more moves for a compendium class if there is need for that but not a war forged class. There are to many concepts there to put just in 1 class playbook. On the other hand there is a bunch of stuff you can just do if you a war forged, no need for moves to codify it.

    Anything special you want/need?

  3. I’m mostly just curious to see how all the warforged racial features fit into DW, like immunities, docents, and permanent armors (which you did address in one PB). The immunities would be easy to just role play, but perhaps not some of the other things.

  4. Docents are hirelings with custom skills, all Warforged armor has the Implanted tag, and the immunities should be figured out in play, with the exception of food & drink

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