Greetings, everyone!

Greetings, everyone!

Originally shared by Jamie Frost

Greetings, everyone! I’ve been out of the game for a while now, but I’d like to try my hand at starting up a campaign, since my job currently leaves me with a rather embarrassing amount of free time on my hands.

So here are the relevant details:

1. Looking to run once a week. Date and time are flexible, both for the first session and future sessions. I know we need to find a slot that works for everyone, and I also sometimes get called in for extra hours which I frankly can’t afford to pass up at the moment. So expect a somewhat hectic schedule and the occasional missed week!

2. Looking for 3-4 people, probably. Depending on how things go, I might be open to a larger but irregular roster.

3. Perhaps most importantly, I would like to try something a little different for this game. It’s an idea I pitched quite a while back and which few probably remember, and it goes like this: before the campaign itself properly begins, there will be a session of collaborative worldbuilding using Dawn of Worlds, a freely-available collaborative setting creation game which you can find here:

(I had previously considered making that a two-parter, with the second part being run off of Microscope, but I think that might drag things on a little and fill in too many edges. It’s a cool idea, though, so I’ll leave it on the table if there’s a stable of interested people. If you’re in favor of this, bring it up below so I can come prepped.)

4. In consideration of the above, things could potentially go pretty far astray from the standard fantasy conventions. As such, I’d be very open to non-core classes and custom race moves, depending on how the setting turns out. So if you want to play something kinda out there, this may very well be your game. 😉

5. No hot dogs on Fridays.


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  1. I think you need to recheck your Principia. Eating hotdogs on Fridays is fine, it’s the bun that’s forbidden.

    Also, I would be interested, but not Wednesdays and not till much later than your proposed time.

  2. Well, but then you run into the ontological question of whether a hot dog is still a hot dog without all its requisite parts, and vice versa. 😉

    Aside from Wednesdays, Monday and Sunday are most workable for me, in approximately that order. I could make other days work, but they would actually require starting earlier than I’ve proposed.

  3. So, a possibly off-kilter world built by 4 or 5 random yahoos from the internet who’ve never met. Quite possibly filled with a cast of odd and interesting Player Characters. Sounds like quite the fun adventure to me. If I were to go along on it just about any day besides Tuesday, Friday (At least for this week), and Saturday would work.

  4. Those are all work days for me right now, so that’s cool! I’m going to move the first session to next Monday for now, we’ll tweak it as needed if/when other folks show up.

  5. Wowzers. Was looking for three or four, and six are now coming, which is… um… more. 😛

    I’m going to be limiting the party to four, still. Maybe five, but that’s kind of unlikely, and any more than that is right out; I’ve run games that size before, and it’s honestly too much for me to keep track of. No hard feelings!

    That said, provided everyone’s cool with it I’ll leave the world-building hangout open for anyone who’s signed up so far. Turns (and the session in general) might be a little on the long side and we’ll end up with some map segments built by (for want of a better term) Outsiders, but it’ll give us a bigger pantheon and probably a crazier world to work with, which is pretty cool.

  6. Sorry you can’t make it, but that does make the roster a little more manageable. Very considerate of you, so thank you! I’ll keep you in the loop for any future games.

  7. I got a notification about someone asking whether webcams were necessary; that comment seems to have vanished, but I’ll answer it anyway, along with a couple of other relevant thingies

    1. Webcams are nice, but definitely not necessary. I, for one, don’t have one, and in fact I might ask you guys to turn them off depending on how much lag they cause. My internet isn’t the greatest, and I suspect half a dozen AV feeds might cause a few hiccups.

    2. I’m just going to roll with the five people we have instead of limiting it to four, because why not. Five is a classic party size anyway.

    3. My boss asked me if I could cover a shift Monday night. I told her I had plans, but we’re in sort of a competent personnel crunch right now, so if she can’t find someone else I might have to go in. And knowing her past record, getting that notice could be kind of last-minute. Just a heads-up, hopefully won’t happen, but if it does there’s not much I can really do about it.

    4. If you’ve read through the Dawn of Worlds pdf, great! If not, you should. It will make you excited. And also able to comprehend the following slightly more, though it’s pretty self-explanatory: the “shape climate” power, I’m deciding, can be used to add general elemental effects to an area rather than just being limited to climate. This might take a couple of steps depending on what you want to do, but to give you an idea of the possibilities: in a game I played before, we created a mountain range, then used Shape Climate to turn that into a volcano range, then used it again to turn that into a volcano range that erupted with pure molten gold. This is fantasy, guys, and I encourage you to let your imaginations go cuh-razy. 😉

  8. Quick poll: how long can people stay for the Monday session? I can comfortably do four hours, maybe up to six depending on whether I have a morning shift on Tuesday or not. Mind you, I don’t foresee Dawn of Worlds taking nearly that long, but if we have time left over it might be nice to do a brief spate of character generation at the end.

    (If for no other reason than so I can know what race and class you guys are thinking about and can be talking to you between sessions about any custom race moves that might need to be conjured up.)

  9. Four hours is probably pushing it for me. Three would be more comfortable. I have no problem with us taking our time on worldbuilding.

  10. Okie dokes, I’ll keep that in mind for tomorrow and future sessions, and try to wrap things up around the three hour mark. Don’t want anybody to get burnt out. 🙂

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