15 thoughts on “My friend wants to play a guy who uses guns.”

  1. Well, you can just choose to make your weapons guns. The damage isn’t going to change. It’s even easier when you are using a ranged based class, like the Ranger. No need to use the Spellslinger unless you want that flavor in your game (it doesn’t work for every game).

  2. The flintlocks we use in one of our campaigns have only one drawback: The “reload” tag. But the fiction is absolutely awesome. 

    ♥Flintlock pistol: Near. Loud. Pierce 1. Reload. 1 weight

    ♥Double barrelled flint lock pistol: Near. Loud. Pierce 1. Reload. 2 shots. 1 weight.

    ♥Blunderbuss: + 3 damage. Two-handed. Near.  Loud. Pierce 1. Messy. Forceful. Reload. 2 weight.

    ♥Musket: Two-handed. Far. Loud. Pierce 2. Reload. 2 weight.

    ♥Grenade: 1d10 damage. Dangerous. Thrown. Near. Loud. Blast range: Close. Pierce 2. 1 Weight.

    ♥Powder keg: 2d12 damage. Blow up structures. Blast range: Near. Loud. Messy. Forceful. Dangerous. 10 Weight.  A powder keg requires Defy Danger (Int) to use as an explosive device.

    ♥Swivel gun: +1d6 damage. Two handed. Near. Loud. Ignores armour. Messy. Forceful. Cone shaped area of  effect. Reload. Can be moved by one person with great difficulty.

    ♥Harpoon gun: +1d12 damage. Two handed. Far. Loud. Ignores armour. Messy. Forceful. Can be moved by one person with great difficulty. It may ensnare creatures that are immune to hand wielded weapons and do 1d4 damage against such creatures.

  3. Wynand, those are all really awesome! Question, when you use volley, say with a single shot pistol, does that mean the option of spending ammo on 7-9 is unavailable?

  4. Gabriel Aliaga No we still use it because it is so ingrained in the game. But there is a bit of fictional dissociation there. If your gun has only one shot because it takes 40 seconds to reload you are not going to spend extra ammo to get your shot. So just don’t think about it too much. You’ll get over it. :-)

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