14 thoughts on “Hi all, I was wondering under which ability jumping goes: strength, dexterity, both?”

  1. It depends on the situation. Are they jumping out of the way of a volley of arrows? Probably dex. Are they jumping to get up something or through something? Probably str. Is there danger? If no, then just say yes and a hard move.

  2. Maybe it would help to explain the situation: a very big char is running on roof and has to jump to another building. Running on roof could go under “defy danger” with dex but what about jumping to the other building? Defy danger with… In real life jumping is a mix of both.

  3. The first question in my mind would be is it difficult for them? If its easy and they’ve got a lot of strength, go strength. The second is do they want to land precisely or are they willing to get a face full of roof tiles? To jump from a building and land on your feet requires dexterity, otherwise you’re launching yourself with strength.

  4. The question I think you need to ask is: what’s the danger, and how are they dealing with it? For example, if the danger’s that the roof is made up of loose tiles & such, it’s probably Dex. If the danger’s the massive distance between the two roofs, it’s most likely Str. Otherwise, don’t have them roll. I know personally, I tend towards Dex to defy danger, simply because my players find it easier to describe how they dodge something.

  5. If the question is one of covering the distance, Defy Danger with STR.  If the question is making sure you don’t spike yourself on a weathervane or something, use DEX.

  6. Ok, clear; thanks everybody. The issue was “i have to cover distance in order to avoid falling down” Maybe a 7-9 could lead to a poor landing with the rrlative damage or other soft move.

  7. I’ll see your danger of “great distance” and raise with a “Defy danger  INT” calculating the distance then creating a catapult out of various materials on the roof and from my adventuring gear.

  8. Luca Colombini i’m just being flip – the rest of the thread has it right. Most actions in the game that aren’t already moves are codified by the fiction – swimming might be CON or STR. Running the same. Jumping DEX or STR. Or nothing. There may just be no move to be made, there.

  9. I’m just saying: if the player comes up with a cool way to get over the gap using something completely unexpected, let them roll that.

    STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA aren’t “real” things. They are tools used to challenge the player just enough to be involved and creative. 

    By the time the player comes up with some wacky way to get over the gap, the tools have already done their job. Let the player roll whatever they want.

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