11 thoughts on “Have any of you guys taken a look at the street rat?”

  1. Damian Jankowski I like this concept, will keep this one up my sleeve for the players to choose from. Alas, the player is looking for something a bit more urban rogue that knows not of poison and traps. Unfortunately, the street rat is not good enough as he is presented. I guess I might even take a shot at tweaking It

  2. Yea, I stayed away form poison and traps for the most part, but even if you decide you want to mess with locks or poisons (or other things), you can always take one move from the Thief or Charlatan playbooks as the Cloak.

    I feel that gives just enough of that added thief flavor for someone who wants it.

  3. Now THIS is much more what we were looking for! Say, Paul Arezina, am I allowed to tweak this class along with some moves from the street rat and use it for total awesomeness?

    Edit: Street rat is not CC, is this one?

    Edit2: Nvm, Street rat is.

  4. Raul Fontoura

     Hi Paul

    The Street Rat basically has only two “clunky” moves: Freestyle Fighter and Knife Brawler, and of course their upgrades. 

    Freestyle fighter was designed to encourage imaginative descriptions of the fights. In our group we found that the freestyle fighter works narratively quite well during play: When the street rat does an acrobatic stunt he gains a bonus on his next H&S move.

    GM: The Orc lunges his sword at your belly. What do you do?

    Rat: I bend backwards like a limbo dancer. (Rolls Freestyle Fighter, where someone else would roll DD)  As he lunges over me I throw my knife into his belly! (Rolls Volley)

    Of course any character can do this, but because this move offers a massive incentive to the player it happens all the time. We’s seen backflips, slides, overhead somersaults etc in our games. It really depends on the creativity of the player!

    The original Knife Brawler and its upgrade moves were overpowered, so I nerfed it somewhat. It now plays more balanced.

    Feedback is always appreciated! 

  5. Wynand Louw Yeah, those are the ones who felt most weird, sure, but even things like Urban Acrobat and Smog  kinda have this “mechanic taste”. I mean, Roof and Smoke Runner deal damage to you while you run away, instead of another one of those loose descriptions for the GM to work freely with…

    I will most likely be inspired by this class’s concept while I write my own (I just come to realize It does not say Creative Commons at its description on drivethrustuff, so I cant tweak It), but as It is presented right now It just doesn’t do it for me.

  6. Wynand Louw Why thank you man. I really really liked the concept of the class, and the invoking urban animals is superb awesome, imo. I just think It needs a change of pace for my group, overall.

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