I accepted a challenge from Marques Jordan and David Guyll.

I accepted a challenge from Marques Jordan and David Guyll.

I accepted a challenge from Marques Jordan and David Guyll. This is incredibly rough, and has only had about 2 days of effort put in, but here’s Zombie World.

Please give me any critiques, cut out the bad ideas, and add in the good ones. 

My key idea: Having body parts instead of stats.

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  1. I really like the body part as stats, I once did a one off (just using basic moves) zombie game and had the stats as Twitchy(dexterity/gunslinging), Ugly(toughness/strength), Cold (thinking/sanity) and Wet (social).

    So you have lower stats the more you get messed up? That makes sense for a hopeless world.

    Its really interesting to see other people’s ideas. Keep it up!

  2. One more thing! A Preacher playbook might be an idea since hope seems like something a good guy would want to inspire in others, and a charlatan would want to use as leverage.

    It wouldn’t have to be of a particular religion, just a public speaker/saw-off shotgun manic.

  3. my biggest concern is that the market is saturated with Zombie stuff. I don’t want to invest too much work in this if it dies. It might just be a side-modification, rather than a full=blown game.

  4. Funnily enough I’ve been working on something like this for a little while, too. It IS a somewhat saturated market but AW lends itself easily to survival horror, so I had to!

  5. Well, a good few, All Flesh Must Be Eaten being the one that tempted me to make an AW hacked one. To me, initiative and turns make no sense in survival horror now, so this project was a natural evolution.

  6. Chris McGee I would love too see what you have so far! Maybe we could combine our efforts, and release a simplified game. Maybe 30-40 pages of some simple moves, an example character sheet, and tools to convert between AW, DW, and ZW. 

    I think for a Zombie survival game, each character would have a much shorter lifespan. no levels, and there would be more chances for variety. a DW playbook has SO many moves, stats, and levels. Simplifying the character even beyond AW would allow for a flexible framework and simpler character/class/playbook creation

  7. This is great David! I like what you’re doing here. It is a bit too hardcore for my tastes but with the tone and goals you’ve outlined so far, I think it does a pretty fantastic job!

    I wouldn’t worry about the marketplace being crowded. I can’t ever remember turning down a game because it had too much competition. What matters is the game’s goals, play style, presentation, and how well it connects with its intended target demographic. The most popular games usually cater to their core audience like few others in their competitive space. Achieve this and you’ll find a loving customer base.

  8. David, this is awesome.

    1) I’d like an idea of how combat and monster stats will work. 

    2) Since hopelessness makes you a zombie, what about adding “hope” as a resource?

  9. Hmm, that’s an idea. I want try and keep the number of stats and resources at a minimum. In fact, I’m thinking about combining mind and head into one Part. Just to keep things as simple as possible.

    My original idea was that when you “die” you can have a last breath roll to keep hope alive, or push a little bit more.

    The players only survived because of their hope/tenacity, and until they die, that will fuel them. 

    I really like the idea of having players who die return to attack and harass later players.

  10. For my part I think we are in two different directions on design. I have 4 playbooks put together at this point but they don’t use body parts, but narrative attributes like AW. They each have 5 moves associated with them on top of the basic moves. I guess I’m saying I’m pretty far in on my current project to switch gears but I’m happy to throw in my two cents on this one as well. Thinking in RPG never gets old.

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