22 thoughts on “Compendium Classes, do you use them?”

  1. I think they’re a nice alternative to “I multiclass as Fighter”. Instead, you can have a [Defender of the Green Visage], which is totally fighter, but taylored to your [Mask of Emerald] campaign. Nevertheless, CC should give some powerful, enticing options to players, or they risk to be overlooked in favor of normal class moves.

  2. The only CC’s I’ve seen are the ones includes for Kickstarter backers. Can anybody point me to some CCs they think are awesome or capture the intended flavor and purpose of a CC?

  3. I think Diego nailed it. CCs are best used to complement a campaign, where the players have accomplished some great deed that allows them access to the exclusive club that can train you in the CC.

  4. I’m curious, do any of you guys use CC’s to help extend the game past level 10? I can see players having trouble choosing CC moves when as it is they will only get to pick a fraction of the moves listed on their CS by level 10. I think if I were to introduce a CC of cool and useful moves, my wife would look me in the face and call me an @ss&$%\  ^_^;

  5. CCs are there to add choices and flavor – specializations that are often campaign specific. They are by no means required to run a great game and, if your wife wouldn’t appreciate the options, can just simply be left out of the game.

  6. Let me give an example. My wife loves to play Wizards, regardless of system. BUT she especially loves fire-based spells. So, I came up with a Pyromancer CC for her and it gave her extra options, one of which was the ability to add the tag to any spell that makes sense.

  7. Ah, I see. You can slow progression down by doing away with XP on a miss. This is a common issue. As for life beyond 10th level, sure, you could use a CC or two to stretch that out. Fact is, while the RAW don’t support PCs past 10th level, neither do they discourage them. Players have to understand that their PCs may simply get cooler in more fictional ways than before, rather than just new abilities or higher ability mods. Fictionally, make the PCs more relevant to the world or even the cosmos – making war with gods and powerful devils. Let them become gods themselves if they desire, along the way. You can make DW more epic after 10th level the same way the proverbial 16 HP Dragon works – opponents become powerful in fictional ways, as do the PCs!

    What I love about DW, in spite of limitations (like levels over 10) is that the group’s imagination is the only REAL limit to the game.

  8. The Pyromancer CC, truly awesome Chris McGee! So simple a solution, but wow what a change =D

    I don’t think the speed of progression is an issue, so much the not being able to pick up more advanced moves. She looks over the CS like a shopping list, makes plans, fantasizes about the possibilities. Then the reality of only picking 10 moves hits her in the face, and her gleaming smile shrinks to a grin. I really like the idea the character becomes more epic as they level fictionally, just like that 16 HP Dragon ^_^

    I’m considering trying a short adventure arc where XP progression is sped up and the goal is to max out the character sheet. I have so many thoughts and no actual play under my belt though. Character Creation with the wife has taken two sessions! But she likes picking out outfits and really defining an appearance. We start session three today and with any luck we might get to finally start that adventure outline I penned last week.

  9. Yeah I mean you can see the basic math behind leveling up, so it’s easy to let her keep picking moves at 11th, 12th and so on. Just because the book doesn’t say so doesn’t mean much!

  10. Yes, to clarify, she would pick moves like a normal level up but not stat increases. More moves won’t hurt (just makes for a lot of choices) but you don’t want all +3s.

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