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  1. This playbook is just an experiment in rendering Exalted in another system – I’m using the DW core mechanics for the moment. I have been thinking about working up some new core mechanics though – I’ll start working on them now!

    Some of the moves I’ve got – for instance, Exalted – are prototypes for core mechanics.

    Here’s a tentative Agenda:

    • Portray a world of ancient myth.

    • Fill the characters’ lives with tremendous challenges.

    • Play to find out what happens.

  2. Looks very good yrt jyfyg. Have you given thought to how far you will be taking this development wise? Is this a small experiment or the beginning of a much larger work?

  3. I’m really not sure Marques Jordan! I guess I’d have to say it’s an experiment. I’m not sure how much work I want to put into it – what do you think I should do? Would you be interested in seeing more?

  4. In short, YEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!

    I have always wanted to play exalted. I have purchased most of the 2e library and played in a short set of games years ago. I have planned to get a game going several times but have been to busy to ever read the full rulebook. I recently chose DW over Exalted simply because it was much shorter to read and required virtually no game prep. My attachment to Exalted is a long standing long distance affair. Much desire, virtually no action.

    I would love to see Exalted as a DW or AW hack, for obvious reasons. But with a project like this the real question is how much do you want to see it realized and how many gamers out there share my enthusiasm. Overall, what conditions would need to be met for you to consider it “worth it”?

  5. Marques Jordan Well I can’t sell it but the mechanics would be my own so I could just switch the names around if I wanted to sell it later. I haven’t stopped working on it yet, so I guess I’m going to keep working on it for the foreseeable future. There’s been a bunch of updates since I last posted, by the way.

  6. Even if it isn’t Exalted per say and you rename everything and try to capture the essence of that style of epic tier play, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME Burk Diggler. I’m looking over the document now. You are doing amazing work my friend =D

  7. First, this looks amazing. Second, I am thrilled to see the Metagaos Charms I wrote getting a second life as a set of DW moves!!! If you want any help fleshing out those moves it would be awesome to be a part of translating them.

  8. Benjamin Huffman Thank you so much! If you’d like to contribute something, just write it up in google docs and post a link to it here. One thing I’d like from you is the Metagaos Excellency – the Metagaos General Charms page on the Dawn of the Devil Tigers wiki asks me for a login so I can’t access it.

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