Hey guys!

Hey guys!

Hey guys! For my next (and second) DW adventure I’m looking forward to a big dungeon crawl in the underground, using a big range of backgrounds (natural caverns, mines, old civilizations tunnels etc). Since I want to follow de DW guidelines I’ll just write some ideas and make everything on the go, so I’m looking for some sugestion of what I can do to keep interesting and what questions can I make so the players create with me. Thanks!

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  1. * Who recently disappeared into these caves, and how did you know them?

    * What was mined here, and why were the mines abandoned?

    * What ancient civilization was known to have dwelt in these depths, and how did that civilization come to an end?

    * What artifact is said to have been buried here, and with whom?

    * Who else has an interest in these tunnels, and

    * Where did you get that map, and what small part of the underground does it illustrate? 

    GM Soft Moves

    * The ground trembles

    * The distant sound of stone scraping on stone

    * A sudden gust blows out their torches

    * A scream echoes from far off

    * The ceiling ahead suddenly collapses

    * The tunnel starts to fill with smoke

    * The pitter-patter of tiny feet

    * Flickering light approaching through the darkness

    * A glyph of warding

    I would also suggest making a list of interesting locations for each of your settings, and bringing them into play as needed. For instance:

    The Dwarven Mines

    * Miles of tunnels

    * Defiled tomb of a great hero

    * Endless stairway

    * Bridge across bottomless chasm

  2. You can also pick some themes related to each environment (say shadows, traces of the old, into the abyss, drums from the deep,… for mines) and write them on index cards, shuffle them and draw at random during the game.  Depending on how comfortable you are thinking on your feet, it may take some practice though.

    Also, YOU SHALL NOT PASS should totally be a soft move. 😀

  3. Front load the players! Jazz them on your ideas on what sort of game you are going to play. Hype up the dungeon crawl inspiration and get serious input from them about environments / cultural archetypes / monsters / rumoured treasure during the group character generation.

    Use one of Marshall’s Dungeon Starters for inspiration 🙂

    Write a few ‘impressions’ – just like what Fabian suggested.

    I’d write some associated simple dungeon moves that align with each ‘section’ or environment change and keep them handy too.

    I’d also tie the character’s class choices, bonds and general history into the dungeon too – reincorporate all the juicy little tidbits you can ascertain in chargen.

  4. Thanks for the great advice! Unfortenly the group’s already created and it’s of outsiders, so I’ll let they stay a little in the whereabouts and ask about what they gathered about the undergrounds

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