Todays “winner” of the Bardic Compendium Class Contest (TM) (no, it’s not really trademarked, so don’t sue) is Eric Nieudan with his “freestyle gangsta rapper” suggestion!

The Rhymer

When you have mastered the art of rythmic rhyming and fast-talking, you may take this move the next time you level:

Masterful Vituperation

When you bust a rhyme that smears foe as a part of your arcane performance, on a hit you enchant him with a powerful sense of enmity, and he will try to harm you to the best of his ability.The spell is broken when they take damage, and the first ally to attack the foe takes +1 to their roll.

Once you’ve taken “Masterful Vituperation,” the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you gain a level.

Fo Shizzle

When you bust a rhyme and include nonsense words you made up on the spot roll+INT, your words are infused with a . On a 10+ your words are infused with magic and the listener is so confused that are stunned for a few moments. On a 7-9 the listener is only stunned so long as you keep rhyming, and even then only for a few moments.

Bling Bling

When you flash some jewelry and rhyme about all your coin and wenches, roll+CHA. On a hit, a listener is put under an illusion. On a 10+ choose 2. On a 7-9 you still choose two, but they are maliciously envious:

– They believe that you are an important and influential person.

– They consider you exceptionally attractive.

– They believe that you are very rich.

Thug Life

You speak the secret tongue of the Homies and know their secret hand gestures. When you recruit in the slums, take +1 to your roll.

12 thoughts on “#bardweek”

  1. I really like this!

    “When you bust a rhyme and include words you made up on the spot” 


    Bling Bling

    i wouldn’t mix positive and negative options in 1 move. 

    Maybe 7-9 choose 2 but they are envious? 

  2. Kasper this is excellent! (Watch out for the politically correctness police though… 🙂 )

    One point: Malicious envy is exactly what you want to achieve, so to me it sounds like the 10+ instead of 7-9… I mean, why flaunt it if NOT to make them envious?

  3. Envious is fine. malicious envy indicates that they will try to take some sort action against you.

    How do you think it’s politically incorrect? The only mildly offensive thing I wrote was the Snoob Dog jape 🙂

    Except of the ghettoey “in the hood” vibe of course 🙂

  4. In other news, I made a gangster rap playlist for tonight’s game. I have reasons for this, but if my players complain, I’ll direct them to you, Kasper Brohus 🙂

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