I collected all the Compendium Classes I made during #bardweek  on my blog for easy reference.

I collected all the Compendium Classes I made during #bardweek  on my blog for easy reference.

I collected all the Compendium Classes I made during #bardweek  on my blog for easy reference.

Thanks for giving me the inspiration. It was really fun for me to make these! I hope people get some joy out of them 🙂


#bardweek has been awesome! Hope you’re all excited about what we could do next week; #pirateweek !

#bardweek has been awesome! Hope you’re all excited about what we could do next week; #pirateweek !

#bardweek has been awesome! Hope you’re all excited about what we could do next week; #pirateweek !

Pirate World has 7 new core classes. Let me know if you’d like to see one and I’ll post up the winner’s full class so you guys can check it out/ customise it/ make your own classes off it. Good stuff will go straight into the class, making Pirate World that bit better. Here are the core classes we could pick one from:

The Alchemist, who drinks potions and breathes liquid flame.

The Avatar, who calls their god into them and smites unbelievers

The Brute, who smashes puny things

The Fanatic, who turns people and mobs into weapons

The Pirate, who makes everything explode and insults people

The Reefmonger, who summons nightmares and loses sanity

The Witch Doctor, who guides spirits by devouring their corpses

There’s plenty of people who know what The Brute is like already, so probably a no to that one! Also, I’m posting this pretty late, not expecting responses until tomorrow! There are also a couple of classes that are stretch goals, and secret for now…




Elven Spell Songs 

Elven Spell songs are a mechanic from Burning Wheel and are there to represent the magic songs we see in works like the Lord of the Rings. 

Here is my port of them into Dungeon World 

Not all of them are useful, some are pretty powerful and i am not completely sure how “balanced” they are. 


When you are an Elven Bard 


When you sing ancient elven songs as part of your Arcane Arts, add this option to your list

– Cause Wonderment 

Wonderment is the feeling of awe and maybe insignificance that fills the heart of every non-elf hearing the elfs sing. When affected by wonderment the target can’t do anything but listen in awe, flee the voices or weep for this beauty. Any action that threatens the life of someone affected by wonderment brakes this spell. 

Once you have taken Wondrous Elven Voice you may take these elven spell song moves instead of class moves 


When you sing the Air of Gates to a door or gate and ask “what lies beyond” roll+CHA. 

On a hit the door or gate opens 

On a 7-9 it will close after a short time again and won’t respond to your singing any longer. 


When you sing the song of watch to yourself to stay vigilant during the night, roll+CHA to take Watch. 


When you sing the Anthem of courage before a battle, roll+CHA

On a 7- choose 3 elven allies, on a 10+ choose all your elven allies that hear your anthem. 

They take +1 forward to deal with fear during to battle. 


When you perform the Chant of offering while presenting your wares, roll+CHA 

On a hit you attract potential buyers for all but the weirdest of goods. On a 10+ add your charisma to the profit you make. 


When you sing the grim song of the Doom of Strenght over a dying ally and name a task for them to accomplish right now roll+CHA. 

On a hit they are infused with your magic and get up to fulfill the task. On a 10+ they can’t be killed again in the pursuit of this. 

After the task is fulfilled the ally passes through the black gates of death and even divine magic can’t bring them back. 


When you sing the Gift of Speed to your elven steed, roll+CHA

On a 7-9 your horse gets +1 control forward. On a 10+ it gains +1 control ongoing as long as you sit in the saddle. 


When you sing Lay of the Horse while in the saddle, you can use its cadence and verse to communicate with your horse and hear its thoughts. You may also sing its first verse to call your horse to your side. 


When you recite the Lyric of healing over a wounded elf roll+CHA.

On a hit every healing done to your ally is maximised while you continue singing. On a 10+ they also heal 1d4 hitpoints. 


You can sing the Recitation of Ages to yourself to remember. Add “The Grant histories of the Elfs” to your Bardic Lore expertises. 


When you perform the Rhyme of tongues with someone or something that you can’t communicate with roll+CHA 

On a 7-9 choose 1, on a 10+ choose 2 

– They can understand you

– You can understand them 


When you harmonize the Song of Arbors with the wind in the leaves of a natural forest, roll+CHA

On a hit you can communicate with the old trees nearby. On a 10+ they also have directly useful information for you. 


When you intonate the Song of Bonding in a duet with a fellow elf you gain a Bond:

____ and i are bond forever by the Song of Bonding. 

At anytime you can ask the GM 

“Is my bonded partner in danger” and they will answer you truethfully. 


When you twitter the Song of merriment around a hearth or campfire, all dark thoughts, anger and worries are washed away and everyone experiences a moment of pure joy


When you utter a single syllabel from the Song of Silence to someone, roll+CHA.

On a 7-9 your target can’t raise their voice to address you. On a 10+ they can no longer use their voice at all until you stop recitating the Song to yourself in silence. 


When you lift up your voice in the Song of Swords over your elven Blade, roll+CHA 

On a 7-9 choose 1, on a 10+ choose 2 

– Your blade gains an additional range category as long as you keep singing 

– Your blade gains piercing 2 as long as you keep singing

– Your blade can harm incorporeal beings as long as you keep singing

– You can share your blessing with another elven blade 


When the air is filled by the Strain of far sight song, roll+CHA. 

On a hit your view expands and you can see as far as an eagle can. On a 10+ you can also ask one question from the discern realities list. When you stop singing the effect ends. 


When you raise your voice to the gales in the Supplication of the Wind, roll+CHA

On a hit choose 1

– The wind strengthens into a storm

– Bring winds to doldrum 

– Put winds into your sails in a direction of your choice 

On a 7-9 the effect lasts only for a short while. 

You may also sing this song and ask the winds how long a storm will endure, they will answer you. 


When you whisper this song under your breath, roll+CHA 

On a hit you are invisible to anyone not directly looking for you as long as you stand still. 

On a 10+ you can still move around slowly without loosing this effect. 

Remember that your song might still be heard.  


When you sing the Weathersong under the morning sky you may ask “What will the weather today bring”, the GM will answer you truthfully.  




EDIT: Added the Axe as a magic item below the CC.

This is the last CC in the Bardic Compendium Class Contest. James Hawthorne was so kind to provide me with a concept, which was Hair Metal. I think I’m going for some artistic freedom here and go all in for Heavy Metal…

The Headbanger

When you have acquired the fabled Six Stringed Axe of Metalocalypse and it considers you strong and worthy you may take the following move the next time you level:


When you head bang violently while playing a raging solo on the Axe as a part of your Arcane Performance, all bonus damage dice granted to the ally is increased to d6’s.

Once you’ve taken “Headbanger,” the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you gain a level.


When you play an electrifying riff on the Axe choose an enemy in near range and roll+STR. On a hit lightning jolts forth from the Axe. On a 7-9 you and the enemy is stunned. On a 10+ you aren’t stunned and you deal your damage ignoring armor.


When you heal someone while playing on the Axe, you roll the healing dice twice and take the higher result.

Dawn of Victory

When you  _play a Song of Victory on the Axe after emerging victorious after a violent battle_ roll+STR. On a hit the Gods of Metal are pleased by your slaughter. On a 7-9 you and your allies are reinvigorated and heals 1d8 hit points. On a 10+ you and your allies also take +1 forward to Hack & Slash.


The Six Stringed Axe of Metalocalypse

This axe was a gift from the Gods of Metal to mortalkind at the dawn of the Age of Metal. It is said that when it descended from the heavens, demons fled in terror and the skies where filled with lightning and the music of angels. Badass angels of demonslaying.

In the hands of a normal person, it is just an regular axe with the close tag, although it can be played as a lute due to its strings. In the hand of a Bard however, it measures his worth. If it deems him worthy and strong, it will reveal it’s true power and teach him songs of Metal. It also grows in size and gains the reach and two-handed tags as well.


Bonus: Who can find the most metal references in the above?

Sneaking this in before the end of #bardweek

Sneaking this in before the end of #bardweek

Sneaking this in before the end of #bardweek … A quick compendium class for when your bard gets a band! (With thanks to the AW Hocus class)

The Band

When you find 3 or more like-minded souls to jam with, you may take this move the next time you level up:

Let’s Jam!

You become the lead singer/player of a band of travelling minstrels! Name your band. Your band-mates won’t follow you into dungeons or obvious danger, but will catch up with you back in town if at all possible. When you and your band play a gig, roll +CHA. On a hit, choose one of the following; on a 10+, choose one and take +1 forward.

– Rumours of a fantastic opportunity

– Improve your standing in town (from despised to disliked, from disliked to neutral, from neutral to liked, from liked to loved.)

– D6x10-coin in merchandise sales

If you have taken Let’s Jam!, the following count as class moves for you when you level up:

Party in style

When you or an ally carouses and your band is playing at the party, take +1 forward to your roll.

Heard the call

When you jam, add the following to your list of options:

– you convince a member of the band to join you on your next adventure. Gain a hireling (+1 skill, +1 loyalty, cost: Fame and Glory)

Gain insight

When you ask your band for advice on the best way to accomplish a goal, the GM will tell you what they say. Take +1 ongoing if you follow their advice; if their advice turns out to be bad, mark experience.




Yesterday, I didn’t post a compendium class in the Bardic Compendium Class Contest, as I was too exhausted. Sorry ’bout that. I’ll post two today then! I’ll post the second in an other thread

The winner of yesterday was Wynand Louw with his suggestion of “Alpen Horn and Yodeling”. This should prove interesting…

The Alpine

When you have acquired a horn from an Ibex and fashioned it into an instrument you may take this move the next time you level:

Horn of the Mountain

When you blow the horn of the Ibex as a part of your Arcane Performance, the spirits of the mountains awakens. Instead of choosing one from the list of Arcane Perfomance, you may ask the spirits to protect an ally, giving them +1 forward to defy danger.

Once you’ve taken “Horn of the Mountain,” the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you gain a level.

Long Distance Communications

When you sing a message with repeated changes of pitch in every note say what the message contains and who you wish to hear it, then roll+CHA. On a hit your target receives the message. On a 10+ the target may also respond in kind. On a 7-9 choose 1:

– The target cannot respond to your message.

– You attract unwanted attention.

Charge of the Ibex

When you blow your ibex horn and then throw it at an enemy it temporarily turns into a charging ibex. On a 7-9 it has the forceful tag and deals your damage the enemy, after which it reverts to a horn. On a 10+ it also comes back to you before it reverts to a horn.

Call of the Eagle

When you blow your horn and cry out to the skies a Giant Golden Eagle will come to your aid. It is large enough to carry two riders and will serve loyally as a mount. It will leave for its nest when dismissed.

Links for inspiration

As can be seen, I went with a mountain theme here. The entry move was partly inspired by a conversation with Tim Franzke.

At little something about the alps: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alps

Ibexes are awesome: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibex

Imagine this eagle, but of size largehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_eagle

Yodeling: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yodeling





Dwarfen Instruments 

Dwarfen instruments are made out of heavy metal alloys and are exhausting to play. Due to their sturdy nature they weight 1 (instead of 0) but can be used as a Close Weapon. 

Any Bard playing a Dwarfen instrument can use CON instead of CHA for Arcane Arts. 

Typical dwarfen instruments are 

Bagpipes, trombones, cornettes, washboards and drums. 

Dwarfen Bard Racial Move: 

When you use a Dwarfen Instrument for Arcane Arts and you grant an Ally extra damage, their next attack also gains the forceful tag. 

(you may start the game with a dwarfen instrument. Tell us what it is and who made it for you)




So, I decided to go with Tim Franzke’s suggestion for the Street Cred move for the Wardancer CC about attracting a group of fans.

Street Cred

Your mad dancing skills attract all the b-boys and flygirls in town. When you make a street performance showcasing your latest and most difficult moves roll+CHA. On a hit you attract a group of fans. On a 7-9 they can introduce you to some useful and influential people in the city’s underground. On a 10+ one of the fans has some influence in the city’s underground milieu and is willing to pull some strings for you.




Maybe one of THE bard tropes is the bard that travels from village to village, seduces people and then gets into trouble with their significant others on the next day. 



When you seduce a GM character someone after an evening of performance, roll+CHA 

On a hit you get some interesting information out of the pillow talk. 

On a 7-9, choose 1 complication 

– In the heat of the moment you divulge some information you shouldn’t have.  Tell the GM what it is

– You get caught by their significant other or parents

– They will fall in love with you and will cause a scene 

You may choose an extra option from the 7-9 list, if you do you learn some information that is useful to your current adventure or troubles.