Do YOU have any cool Bard stories from your games?

(does not have to be from Dungeon World) 

I played a Bard in a game run by David Reichgeld. We where checking out a cult in a mountain monastery. It turns out they had captured a god and where harvesting it for its divine flesh. The god would regrow the flesh but it gave the cultist increased power and abilities. The god was chained to a giant stonetable by obsidian chaines (the only thing that can hold a divine being) . During the fight i rolled a miss and so the god grabbed me in it’s giant hand and started to squeeze me, meanwhile it communicated with my character  mentally. I used this connection to parley with the god. I offered to free him if he gave me some of his power in return. 

The Wizard used the presents of a god as a place of power and fullfilled the ritual. 

It was actually a protector god of children so my character got the ability to make children believe whatever he said (with the option to multiclass into cleric moves later)

It was a really cool scene and end to our one-shot. 

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