13 thoughts on “I finished adapting our Pathfinder campaign to Dungeon World, and we kicked it off last night.”

  1. Excellent! I’m glad it went well. I’d love to see the rest of the adapted characters sometime. Did you end up creating a lot of custom moves to represent how they were in Pathfinder?

  2. Good stuff. We’ve been futzing around with converting a 15-year-old Planescape game to DW over the past week. Not sure what will come of it, but it’s an enjoyable experience so far.

    (Edit: come to think of it, it’s almost 20 years old.  Yeargh.)

  3. Steve Segedy, I’ve added links to pdfs of the other playbooks at the end of the blog post for your perusal. I’m afraid some of the custom moves aren’t particularly creative, but I imagine we’ll be tweaking things as we go.

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