9 thoughts on “Show off your Fronts!”

  1. I’m working around with some ideas involving a group of adventurers that found a source for wishes and made some decidedly bad ones that brought them great power at a cost. The current party finds themselves up against an old and powerful fraternity that has been corrupted by magics. Fronts to come eventually for a party dealing with the likes of The Legless Crawler Below All Grounds, The Unmarked Prince Without a Face, The Child that Beckons the Cutting Horror, and a rogue’s gallery of other nastiness. Inspired of sorts but what I read in the prologue to Philp Joes Farmer’s Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life as it was in regards to William S. Burrough’s Nova Express book. Farmer apparently deciphered Nova Express better than myself as I just didn’t ‘get’ that book but still loved the idea of the horror of the Nova Mob.

  2. One of the #PirateWorld fronts is an undead empire quietly consuming small islands. The grim portents include seeing the undead working silently on abandoned isles, plague ships arriving at ports and empty vessels found floating in the ocean…

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