Paladin Class – Races?  #paladinweek

Paladin Class – Races?  #paladinweek

Paladin Class – Races?  #paladinweek  

So Guys tell, me: How important is it for you that Paladins are only human? In a generic fantasy theme, would it be ok for you if Oaladins from other races would exist? If yes, what Races  and racestereitypes do you think would work well, with the paladin background?

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  1. I haven’t reposted these in a while, so I’ll repost them now:

    Paladin Races


    You are a holy agent of your people’s law. When you give an order based on your divine authority to an NPC who is subject to dwarven law, you choose how they react.


    You were chosen by Nature to protect her. When you pray for guidance, even for a moment, and ask “what here offends nature?” the GM will tell you, honestly.


    Your people are stoutest of heart. When you Defy Danger to resist temptation or corruption, take +1.


    Your people worship valor, and you are a paragon of your people. When you are outnumbered or outmatched and pray for strength, even for a moment, take +1 armor until you lose HP.

    Paladin Alignments


    Act to prevent one side of a conflict from gaining a serious advantage over the others.


    Act or speak out against an unjust law.


    Punish someone for acting above their station.

    (Neutral is the one I’m not sure of since it’s both too passive and too rare, but I couldn’t think of anything that made more sense for a Neutral Paladin than the old silly “favour good and evil in equal measures” stuff.)

  2. What about:

    Aasimar: Your belief suffuses your whole being. Any impure creature that touches your bare skin can, if you wish, take class damage.

    Dragonborn: Your zeal for your faith burns like a fire within your soul. You can release this flame and volley with it as a weapon with the following tags: reach, near, messy. Reducing ammo in this case means taking 1d4 damage ignoring armor.

    Oread: You may chip off a portion of yourself (don’t worry, it’ll grow back) and imbed it in a stone structure. If the structure or the area surrounding it is in need of saving, you will be alerted to it and know the quickest way to get there.

    Warforged: Warforged are hard to scare normally, and your faith bolsters you further. When on a Quest, you are immune to fear.

  3. The dragonborn move (and maybe the oread one, depending on what an oread is) is more a racial ability that should be available regardless of class than a Paladin racial move, though. I like the aasimar, warforged and oread moves, though!

  4. I’m playing a campaing in a weird fantasy setting, full of races created on-the spot.

    One of the PC is from an ursine race called “Astris”, very similar to the Panzerbjorne from Those Dark Matters trilogy, that believe themselves to be te protector of the world and stubborn defend what they decide to guard.

    The Paladin is an Astrist that decide to expand this concept and makes hers others obligations to fulfill.

    Her racial moves reads:

    When you start a Quest that concerns burdening yourself with someone else duty you can choose up to three boons.

  5. Alex Norris an oread is a planetouched with the Elemental Plane of Earth. I would disagree, however, on them being just racial moves for any class. The oread racial is for the whole “white knight” sort of thing, and a Dragonborn wizard or fighter would interact with their draconic nature in different ways.

  6. Warforged 

    Paladin: Your Body is made off especially strong plates. You start the game with a 3 armor, 3 weight natural armor but can’t wear armor above that. Your natural armor can’t be removed.

  7. Yeah, in that case the oread racial totally works.

    Dragonborn breath is something that all dragonborn are supposed to have, which is why it doesn’t work well as a class racial. Dragonfear would be pretty much perfect for a Paladin racial, though (the whole inspiring fear/awe in your foes is very Paladin-y and happens to work well with either Quest or I Am the Law, conceptually).

  8. Tim Franzke I like that. It thought about writing something like that for my Eberron supplement, but it kind of screwed with the idea of warforged being able to modify themselves.

  9. David Reichgeld I’ve got something like that (again for Eberron) called Heritage Classes, a sort of compendium class that replaces your racial move as the entry move. Mine all revolve around J. Walton ‘s heritage thing.

  10. David Reichgeld: there’s a few races that really feel like they’d best be expressed by having a separate move in addition to the class one because a single move simply can’t cover everything the whole race can do – the warforged and dragonborn are good examples.

    Since I always give my players a free advance at level 1, I’ve been toying with writing those races up by giving them a non-class-specific racial that needs to be taken as the level 1 advance. It’s clunky and not particularly within the DW spirit, but it works.

    (e.g. the Warforged get a per-class racial that is all about how their racial abilities make them better at their class, and then a separate move that’s all about how they don’t need to eat, drink or sleep. This separate move is taken in place of the free advance that characters get at level 1 in my games.)

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