8 thoughts on “I dunno if anyone else is working on it for #paladinweek  but it has to be done; the Anti-Paladin?!”

  1. Here is what it should not be: 

    Just take every paladin move and replace “healing” with “doing damage” and change every “holy” for “un-holy”. 

  2. Why has there to be an anti-paladin? The world is full of evil, there’s nothing brave, heroic or inspiring about that. “I’m here to make a stand for cruelty and treachery in a world of hope and kindness”. No, I just don’t get it.

  3. To your point Adrian Brooks, why have Evil or Chaotic alignments available to PCs at all?

    IMHO the Anti-Paladin is a classic fantasy archetype, albeit usually as an adversary.  Like this guy:


    Facing the flipside of the Paladin’s valour has always been a highlight for me, And I don’t see why having the option to play as one of the dark knights is any worse or less desirable than playing an Assassin or Thief.

    Plus if there’s ever a week to do it, paladinweek would be it.

  4. You misunderstand me, and picture doesn’t help. A Paladin represents a paragon of virtue or honour. An ideal that’s difficult to uphold.

    It’s what ideals the Anti-Paladin represents that I don’t get. What distinguishes him from the mass of the worlds random monstrous evil? Can you do it in a way that’s as confining as the true version.

  5. The big thing that distinguishes an antipaladin from any other villain, at least to me, is they used to be good. Not only good, but the best and brightest beacon of Good in this dark and dangerous world. And then, somehow, they fell from grace. So if I were to write them up, I’d make them about that fall, about their reaction to that fall.  Give them cool stuff about knowing how Good works, and being able to manipulate that, or at least anticipate and react to it. Give them a well of spite and bitterness to tap into when confronting anything that reminds them of what they used to be. And give them some grimdark badassery because, hell, it’s an antipaladin, of course they’ve got a nightmare steed and a sword of void-cold blackfire and stuff like that.

  6. Exactly Ben Wray; the Anti-Paladin I’m working on is based around broken virtues and forsaken ideals. I’m looking at some Warhammer Chaos Warrior stuff for inspiration (among others).

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