So what’s the status of the Inverse World pdf?

So what’s the status of the Inverse World pdf?

So what’s the status of the Inverse World pdf? I’ve looked around both on here and the Kickstarter page, but I’ve not seen any mention of when us backers should get it other than the estimated July delivery. 

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  1. “The current status on the PDF is “95% complete, waiting on a section of the book from Brandon right now.” We’re also missing some art but the PDF is late already – I will be releasing an art-lite version ASAP” – this was from Jacob Randolph on Aug 20th in this very G+ group. That is the latest “news” I have. 

  2. Any words about the project, Brandon Schmelz Jacob Randolph? It has been awhile since the last update, both on the community page here and over on the Kickstarter page. Can’t wait to see the final product.

  3. I just did the same thing. Double checked both places to make sure I didn’t miss an update. I am excited about IW and really hope it is going well. An update would be really good for all of us who are eager to get our hands on the book.

  4. Honestly right now, any news (even bad news) would be good news. It’s kinda hard being excited for a project when a month goes by and you get no news, not even a “still working hard but there are still some difficulties.”.

  5. Hey Brandon Schmelz and Jacob Randolph, any update? One was promised about two weeks ago and I’ve not really seen anything mentioned except briefly here and on Pavel Berlin’s inquiry in this very group.

    Looking over at the actual Kickstarter comments I just see people getting nervous about the lack of official updates for 2 months or so. Making some sort of official KS statement, just to communicate and talk about what is going on with the delays, might be a good idea. 

    I think I speak for everyone here (and on KS) when I say that I look forward to seeing the final project that you all have lovingly crafted.

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