Ambassador (Compendium Class) – Feedback?

Ambassador (Compendium Class) – Feedback?

Ambassador (Compendium Class) – Feedback?

Hey all – I made my very first CC! It’s a very rough draft and is only 2 pages. It will likely have a few more moves than are there currently, and nothing has been tested yet but I’m hoping I can get some general feedback!

Specifically, I like the idea of requiring a certain threshold of “hold” (+Steading in this case) in order to trigger some moves, so I’m curious about your thoughts on that too.


7 thoughts on “Ambassador (Compendium Class) – Feedback?”

  1. This looks pretty interesting! I’d suggest for the Steading’s need, have it be where they can pick from a brief list or completely write their own.

    Resource: _____ (gold, wool, wood, weapons, etc)

    Alliance:________(protection, trade, marriage, etc)

    Reputation:______(strong, reliable, wealthy, accommodating, etc)


  2. Thanks for the feedback Adrian Thoen , I appreciate it! I’ll be working on it more over the coarse of the week. Maybe I will hit you up again when I have the next version ready? 😉

  3. I finally got some time to look this over but I don’t  have much to add over and above the comments on the doc. I really like the concept and look forward to seeing where you take it.

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