So, I need some brain power from you mighty Tavernites.

So, I need some brain power from you mighty Tavernites.

So, I need some brain power from you mighty Tavernites.

Last game session, one of the characters suggested looting the bodies of their fallen companions, and I of course didn’t dissuade but I did point out they were trying to catch an escaping Sorcerer-Fiend. I pointed out that this delay would increase his lead.

Overall, the party opted to continue the chase, but I figure they’ll come back for the loot later. With that in mind, I took the liberty of rolling up treasure for their fallen opponents so far.

There’s some coin, some small valuables, and three magical items!

So, I need ideas for these…

•A minor magical item kept by the scimitar wielding mercenary Gwen

•A strange and maybe magical item kept by Neal the druid of the Frozen Northlands

•A magical item belonging to a Dark Elf warrior/knight

For the Minor item belonging to the mercenary, I was thinking a coin bag that growls when fake coinage is deposited inside. This answer will probably be bumped by asking the characters what little blessing or trinket Gwen carried with her.

For the strange/magic item, I was thinking of offering a weird sculpture that’s a focus for his druid powers. Maybe something my party’s Druid could meditate on to learn a Frozen Northland essence to shapeshift into??

I’m not sure about a magic item for the ancient Dark Elf!

Help and thoughts?

4 thoughts on “So, I need some brain power from you mighty Tavernites.”

  1. Maybe the Dark Elf could have something that helps him live in the sunlit world; magical lenses, or a cloak that provides eternal shade, or something similar. Or a combat enhancement; maybe his sword sheath keeps his blade clean, dry and sharp at all times.

  2. A cloak of shade could be cool!

    This is a dark elf traveling cloak with hood. Woven of what feels like silk, it is covered on the back with dull but colorful patterns of the underworld — on the inside, however, it is pitch black, enchanted to always take a piece of the dark elves’ cavernous home with it.

    When worn, it is very cool; in fact, it is almost damp. A convenient trick comes with understanding this ostentatious cloak — when the wearer removes it and stands very still in shadows, holding the cloak inside-out, it’s magic renders the holder practically invisible to sight.

    That’s certainly an idea. And there are a lot of open ended story possibilities behind a cloak that carries a piece of the Underdark inside it!

  3. Gillian Wiseman I may use that cleaning sheath idea for the mercenary Gwen, instead of a bag that detects fake money.

    Another thing I’m rolling around in my head is the difference between a Minor magical item and a Standard magical item.

    So, if a cloak that can make you invisible in shadow is a standard one, than maybe a sheathe that practices normal upkeep (and maybe repairs over time?) is a minor one.

  4. Is it fitting that the first thing that sprang to mind is a Loot the Bodies move?

    When you choose to search the bodies of the newly-dead, roll +Wis. On a 10+, choose two, on a 7-9, choose one:

    * It doesn’t take very long

    * You manage to avoid handling anything unpleasant or hazardous

    * You aren’t set upon by an enemy who wasn’t entirely dead

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