This week on Dungeon World:

This week on Dungeon World:

This week on Dungeon World:

I think this is about our 8th session. Players are Level 5-6ish right now. Here is a quick and dirty write up:

-Spike the Druid had unleashed a flood on Fool’s Gulch during the fight with the Paladins of Augustine’s (now former) order.

-Most of the village had evacuated to watch you all fight the Knights, but you still heard screams coming from within.

-As you rushed in, there was a massive wind in addition to the flood. You eventually discovered that this was being caused by an angry wind spirit that was ticked off because Spike had been controlling the wind without her permission.

-Oerik the Cleric and Kira the Ranger took on rescue duty, saving the barkeep, the mayor (Gundin), the kilt salesman, and the two children that want to be like the Paladin.

-Zok the Orcish Fighter, as well as Augustine and Spike, went toe to toe with the wind spirit on top of the tavern, getting blown off by her powerful wind blasts several times during the fight. Spike accidentally empowered the enemy using Elemental Mastery, and she turned into a tornado!

-This didn’t stop Zok though! He and his vulgar sword, Ka-Tool, chopped the tornado in half, destroying the tavern in the process.

-Kira lost her Blood Bow while saving flood victims.

-With the town destroyed, you led the refugees to Kellodin’s Keep, where the dwarves were preparing for war with the orcs!

-You saved the refugees of Fool’s Gulch from a raid by gnolls during the journey.

-Oerik finally turned away from the dark side and let his ancestor, Kellodin, destroy the necromancer’s staff he had come to treasure so much.

-Upon reaching the keep, the King’s Envoy Thinar wanted to send you all to get rid of an ogre that was blocking a bridge and stopping vital supplies from reaching the keep. Zok, being an orc, wasn’t so sure this was a bad thing…

-A swamp elf showed up informing the dwarves that orcish slave raiders were about to hit an elvish settlement in the swamp. You convinced Thinar to send a detachment of dwarves to help fight them off in return for your leaving immediately to deal with the bridge problem.

-On the way to the bridge, Spike’s brother Braun showed up and let her know that there was a sudden drought on the plains, and the livelihood of their civilization was in jeopardy.

-Upon reaching the bridge, you found two ogres rather than one. You coaxed one of them over with Spike in goat-form and an “I Am the Law” by Augustine, but found out they had goblin cronies up on a ledge waiting to ambush you.

-You beat up the ogres and Zok took a surrendered goblin “wizard” as a servant. During the fight the ogres alluded to a “boss.” The goblin told you that the boss’s lair had a secret entrance down under the bridge.

This was one of my favorite sessions so far. I found a couple things I would have done differently. During the gnoll ambush on the refugees, I wish I would have had the gnolls threaten the bystanders more and have the PCs have to save them, especially once the PCs gained the upper hand. Also, during the fight on the bridge, the PCs were getting pelted by stones, arrows, etc from the ambushing goblins, and I don’t think I made dealing with this barrage while fighting big mean ogres tricky enough.

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  1. Sounds like  a great time. I’m really glad you guys are keeping it up! 

    My advice is you’ve got to go Jerry Brukheimer on those poor PCs…that bridge fight? That bridge needed to FALL down! You gotta have those PCs fighting on the dangling bridge like frickin’ Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

  2. Ed Gibbs The Ogres threatened the break the bridge, and we lured them off. Gogo gadget Paladin powers. Also, Patrick Smith wants theat bridge up, so the Orc Fighter has to make a choice — destroy it for the good or Orc kind, or allow the Dwarves to arm themselves and deal with the fallout?

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