I really want to have a “GM talk” hangout at some points.

I really want to have a “GM talk” hangout at some points.

I really want to have a “GM talk” hangout at some points. It would basically just be about GM’ing Dungeon World, and maybe even the Apoc Engine in general.

It would be cool to collect a lot of questions from self-proclaimed n00bs that could be answered or discussed on air.

I think it could be pretty fun, and even helpful for some. Anyone who would want do participate in something like this?

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  1. I doubt I’d be able to attend due to scheduling, but you guys should totally try and upload the result to youtube. I’d be interested in seeing what you all say.

  2. I imagined it wouldn’t be very much about rules questions, more about GM’ing DW/AW in general, in contrast to more mainstream systems.

    That said, this does seem to come up a lot. I think we should definitely have this one.

  3. General format idea:

    There are big and small questions. Big are things like

    How do you start up a first session

    How to play DW outside the dungeon

    If I want to create custom stuff, where/how do I start

    And everyone on the panel adds their opinion to it. Then you have little/detail questions and just 1-2 people answer those. Maybe assign them beforehand so that people can prep a bit. Could also just be done rapid fire style.

    Although thinks like first session, fronts etc are all big enough for a full panel I guess.

  4. You could use a Google Docs Form (they’re easy to make) for submiting questions, and that would automatically post them to a spreadsheet.

    EDIT: Or you could make a post here and people could plus one the questions they want to see answered the most. That way too you avoid duplicate questions being asked.

  5. Form -> Spreadsheet: Good idea!

    A bit of extra work for the owner to group duplicates after the fact, but would make it very easy to enter them in a consistent way.

  6. Four things I really want to discuss is

    1) Fronts. Even Sage LaTorra admits these are tricky to rap your head around.

    2) The shift in paradigm, the shift away from binary pass/fail resolution mechanics.

    3) Combat. People have a really hard time wrapping their heads around this, as Tim Franzke said.

    4) “How to prep for DW”, the draw maps, leave blanks principle.

    I think these three points are incredibly important. They form the core for understanding how Dungeon World is different from many other mainstream RPG’s. At least, that’s how I see it. Each and every one of these has been discussed at some point.

  7. One thing that comes up every now and then is the question of situation modifiers, and why you should or shouldn’t use them. That might be worth discussing.

  8. ah yeah, the “when something is not a player move, make a gm move instead”. 

    Basically “how to GM” is really important. So that everything you say is within in the principle, furthers the agenda and is a move. 

  9. Yeah. It seems like it.

    I’m making a move, I’m rolling the dice, just to see if I succeed at a price. Dungeon World is coming to toooown…

    Seriously though, I’m making a “current agenda” doc, just to jot down the current awesome.

  10. I figured it would really just be one empty field, and just say the type of questions that are being looked for. But… Hadn’t really thought it out much. I was planning on working it out when I got home. =P prolly try to open a chat hangout at least to talk about what’s being looked for here.

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