I have a question about hirelings.

I have a question about hirelings.

I have a question about hirelings.

My Barbarian has a number of hirelings, mostly Warriors, and I’m wondering if there is a limit to how many of them can apply the “Man at Arms” effect during a Hack and Slash roll?

I can’t find a hard and fast rule for this but it’s starting to get to pretty high numbers when I bring the pain; especially with the Ogre I’ve pressed into service.

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  1. My gut instinct is:

    If you can keep all your retainers happy in the fiction, meet their costs, resolve their internal disputes, and see to the needs of a frickin’ Ogre… You’ve certainly earned those bonuses!

  2. Tim Franzke Alfred Rudzki That’s what I thought too.

    Thank goodness for Khan of Khans or I would be flat broke.

    The civilized hirelings are pretty wary of the Ogre though.

  3. No limit except for the fiction. 20 Warriors around a dragon? No problem. Around a halfling? Not so much 🙂

    Also, if the critter is flying, they’ll need ranged weapons if you want the bonus.

    Which reminds me, the Man at Arms rule states that they will receive the brunt of the damage, as they expose themselves to harm when assisting. In other words, one of them might loose a head if you get a 7-9 on H&S.

    A hireling can die on almost all miss results in general. They are a great, though sadly also short lived bonus 😀

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