World of Ravnica (WIP)

World of Ravnica (WIP)

World of Ravnica (WIP)

Tried posting this before but I fail at Google docs so I’m just pasting the text and reposting it.

Definitely looking for constructive criticism.

Also big thanks to Tim Franzke for inspiration and me blatantly stealing his Simic Druid move.

-Replace race moves with guild moves.

-Remove alignment.

-Add “Did you advance your guilds goals/You’re position within your guild?” end of session question(s).

-Remove/rework all moves mentioning alignment.

Guild moves


–Dimir Rumormonger: Falsehoods properly placed are just as useful as secrets stolen. When you Carouse add ‘Plant Potent Lies” as an option.

–Rakdos Blood Dancer: Is not a party until someone losses an eye! When you use your Arcane Art to grant extra damage to an attack that attack also gains the messy tag

–Izzet Field Researcher: More knowledge and power has been lost to time than even the boldest mages know. Your Bardic Lore also covers “Arcane Mysteries and Research” in addition to any other choices.


–Azorius Lawgiver: Law create stability. Stability enables society. Those who flout the laws of the Azorius Senate are agents of chaos. Your Deity is “The Azorius Senate”. The Senates Domain is Civilization. Its Precept is Order: The Senate requires its Lawgivers to follow a strict and rigorous format in all things. In addition, when you trigger the Outstanding warrants move you may name one fellow member of the Senate you are on good terms with who has a hand in the goings on.

–Selesnian Chorus Singer: The priests of the Conclave guide their followers to the embrace of the Worldsoul. Your Deity is The Selsnya Conclave; The Conclaves Domain is Community/The Worldsoul, its Precept is Collectivism: Singers of the Conclave are called to bring people together under the wisdom of Selsnya. You add the Wizard spell Telepathy to your spell list.

–Orzhov Pontificate: Wealth is power. The wealth of the Orzhov clergy extends even beyond the mortal coil. Your Deity is The Orzhov Syndicate: The Syndicate’s Domain is Power and it’s Precept is Wealth: The Pontiffs of Orzhova are driven to acquire wealth and power in extravagant amounts. When you roll a 7-9 on a Last Breath roll death will always accept payment of substantial wealth and/or debt as it’s price. But beware whom you owe more, the Reaper or the Syndicate.


–Gruul Wild Speaker (More deductive name?): Only the shamans of the Gruul Clans still honour the ancient spirits of Old Ravnica. You are always considered to have leverage over primal spirits.

–Conclave Keeper (Selsnya): The Conclave works best as a whole. All animal forms you take have the additional move “call Conclave Pack Mates”.

–Swarm Harvester (Golgari): The Swarm knows that the cycle of life doesn’t end with death. You are always attuned to “The Undercity” as well as any other lands. When you Shapeshift into an animal of The Undercity you may choose a living, undead or hybrid version of that animal.

–Simic Shifter: Life is change, but change is slow. The Combine guides life to greater and more… changes. When you shapeshift the animal form shows aspects of the last animal form you took. Replace one of the moves the GM gives you with one of the moves from your last form.


–Rakdos Riot Leader: The Cult of Rakdos knows that a riot if just another word for a good party. And the wreckage is just means more work the next day. Any hirelings under your command always come with “outlandish destruction” add an extra choice for their price.

–Gruul Clan Smasher: The warriors of the Gruul Clans are an image of utter terror to the civilized folk of Ravnica. When you face the soft city folk head on your attacks gain the terrifying tag.

–Boros Legionnaire: The Legions of Boros stand as the most renowned and glorious fighting force of plane of Ravnica. When you fight side by side with an ally both of your attacks gain reach (Needs work)

–Weirdborn (Izzet): You are a construct or elemental Weird created and given life by the Izzet League. Your inorganic body is resistant to mortal frailties. You ignore the Sickened debility.


–Azorius Arrester: The Azorius Senate is law and order on Ravnica. As the strong hand of the Senate you stand as the living symbol of that power. When you are on a Quest you always gain a “Symbol of Divine Authority” in addition to your other Boons.

–Boros Wojek: The Azorius see the law a simple words, codes of conduct and structures. As a Wojek of the Boros Legion you know that only the zeal and passion of the truly righteous can bring order to the chaps of Ravnica. When you act on your own righteousness add “Freedom from hunger, thirst and sleep” to your already active Boons.

–Knight of Orzhova: The Paladins of the Church of Deals strike a terror into the very souls of those who have fallen prey to the church; a terror that lasts beyond death. You are always considered to have leverage over the indebted dead.


–Rubblebelt Raider (Gruul): The soft folk of the city see trees and beats of burden and think them wild; only those of the Gruul Clans know the true wild. Your Animal Companion gains an additional strength of your choice but is always “ferocious” in addition to is other weaknesses.

–Conclave Roof Runner (Selsnya): The Rangers of the Selsnya Conclave stand with their Animal Companions as some of the greatest examples of their Guilds ideal of unity. You and your Companion share a bond beyond spoken words; add “linked” to your Companions strengths.

–Ooze Wrangler (Simic): The Combine entrusts the care of their experiments to only those most skilled at handling them. Your Animal Companion is a special Simic Hybrid; detail is form and function. (May wish to add “Your Animal Companion always has ‘adaptable’ in addition to is other strengths”)

–Stalker of the Swarm (Golgari): The Undercity is a realm of both festering rot and deadly predation. Only the most skilled of huntsmen dare the domain of the Golgari Swarm. When you make a Perilous Journey through the Undercity whatever for you take is automatically treated as if you had rolled a 10+


–House Spy (Dimir): There was a time when the very existence of House Dimir was thought to be just a rumor. For you it is still that time. You may choose not to trigger the Outstanding Warrants move.

–Orzhov Debt Collector: It is the lawful and holy right of the Church of Deals to claim that which it is owed; and all who live in the glory of the City Plane owe a debt to the deathless of Orzhova. When you attempt to discern realities about filthy lucre take +1.

–Undercity Skulker (Golgari): The truly dispossessed of Ravnica flock to the Undercity despite the dangers lurking in its refuse. You have learned to navigate the the filth and offal that lies beneath Ravnica’s shining spires. When you are in a place of squalor take +1 to Tricks of the Trade.


–Azorius Lawmage: The laws of the Azorius Senate are Byzantine even to the rarest of outsider minds. When you spout lore on legal matters on a 10+ you take +1 when using your knowledge against those not of the Senate.

–Thought Stealer(Dimir): The Mages of House Dimir know that the best secrets are those freely given by dear and trusting “friends”. Charm Person is a Cantrip for you.

–Initiate of the Firemind (Izzet): You have been connected to the Firemind, the magical network of power and knowledge deriving from Niv Mizzet the draconic founder and master of the Izzet League. When you preform a dangerous or groundbreaking ritual you can draw on that connection to replace one of the conditions your GM gave you from the Ritual list.

–Simic Lifemelder: The Simic Combine never ceases in its quest to improve life forms on Ravnica. Any spells you use to alter a living beings form such as Mimic or Polymorph are more mutable than those of lesser mages. When you attempt to change the form of the affected creature (and any bonuses that come along with that change) again. Roll plus Int; on a 10+ the change is successful, on a 7-9 the change occurs but with complications.

–Legion Warcaster: The War Mages of the Boros Legion are both feared and renowned for their ability to combine the opposing forces of creation and destruction. When you cast a damaging spell, on a 10+ you may expend the spell to heal yourself half the damage dealt by the spell. (Fits the flavor but maybe steps on the Clerics toes?)

Guildless(Any Class): The mighty of the ten Guilds jealously guard the secrets of their power; using them to lord over the masses of Ravnica. Whether you stand for the people or just stand for yourself they know that you stand apart from the Guilds. When you recruit hirelings from among the dispossessed of Ravnica take +1.

I have a question about hirelings.

I have a question about hirelings.

I have a question about hirelings.

My Barbarian has a number of hirelings, mostly Warriors, and I’m wondering if there is a limit to how many of them can apply the “Man at Arms” effect during a Hack and Slash roll?

I can’t find a hard and fast rule for this but it’s starting to get to pretty high numbers when I bring the pain; especially with the Ogre I’ve pressed into service.