Hello folks

Hello folks

Hello folks, 

I’ve looked around and didnt see anything for this in official or unofficial forums.   This is regarding multiclass moves (seemingly the bane of every system).

Does anyone here do anything with hit point or base damage adjustment after a multiclass is “dabbled?”   For instance, even though there is a difference in the L10 fighter who dabbled in spellcasting and the L10 wizard who dabbled in fighter moves, the damage they roll is very different for non spell moves (as well as hps, but I value this less).  

It seems like a mechanic to move the die one closer to the dabbled class perhaps if 2 die apart, seems like an adequate “fix,” in my mind.  

For example, a fighter who dabbles in wizard spellcasting will shift class base damage down one die type, as wizard base is d4 and three steps away from the d10.  The fighter moves to d8.   The wizard who does the same (dabble in fighter) only moves to d6, which still represents differences in the root background of each character.    

I just wanted to know if anyone else had found issue with this process and how they handled it.  

Thank you for your time, and good gaming.

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  1. You really don’t have to do this and probably shouldn’t. A class’s base damage, hp, and even starting gear are balanced alongside moves.

    First of all a Wizard doesn’t get the multiclass advanced move, but lets assume they do.

    A Fighter who chooses to gain Cast a Spell is very likely directly sacrificing a huge amount of combat ability already. They could be missing out on Iron Hide, Merciless, Scent of Blood, or Armor Mastery; all of which greatly increase the Fighter’s combat potential. Lowering their damage further would be a bad decision and is really against the idea of moves. Advanced moves should only ever make you BETTER.

    A Wizard who chooses Signature Weapon, could, for instance, gain +2 damage or even choose the Merciless move (at level 3+). The two of those moves combined would get the Wizard up to 2d4+2 damage, averaging 7 damage per hit. A regular D10 only averages 5.5. A wizard certainly makes a sacrifice to their spellcasting potential to get there, but that is the point.

  2. Flinging a few spells around isn’t going to make Stabby McFighterson any less of a rampaging death-machine.  Nor is teaching the Wizard the business-end of a sword going to turn him into Conan the Librarian (besides, Wizard doesn’t have a multiclass move).

  3. Appreciate the comments to this point, thanks; Not a popular mechanical change.  I feel the flavor of the mechanical change gets the point across without being a major advantage or disadvantage, but that’s just personal opinion.  Once its written down, theres nothing difficult about it.

    RE: wizard not having an MC option;  yes that would be a houserule/homebrew.   I dont believe any class should be limited in racial choice, or move choice, really, except being beholden to the fiction of the narrative, i.e. wizards go to wizarding school and thats how everyone learns, etc. 

  4. Right on Jason Healey , I’d recommend you enjoy DW for what it is before you try to give it some mods that “make sense” while you are still more heavily influenced by D&D and other games.

    Nothin wrong with mods, but there is a reason people who are burnt out from D&D find so much enjoyment in DW.

    If you try to make DW more like D&D you’ll be robbing yourself of a large part of that enjoyment.

    Just my 2 cents.

  5. And I said unto my brothers, let us not feel confined to quadrilateral grids and convoluted mechanics. Deliver us from dice rolls without consequence, and put fiction before numbers. So sayeth Sage Kobold, our lord.

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