So Planescape.

So Planescape.

So Planescape. A cursory search of the internet shows a lot of attempts at making Planescape hacks for DW, but they all sort of trail off and never finish.

What’s the most complete/furthest along attempt out there that you know of? I have (and love) Dark Heart of the Dreamer, which is clearly the most professionally done “other plane” weird fantasy thing out there in that vein, but it’s not precisely what I’m looking for. I’m looking for the much talked about but seemingly never completed 1:1 Planescape translations.

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  1. Do it yourself! Dark Heart points in that direction, but I’m personally more interested in riffing off the old AD&D2 settings than recreating them precisely. (I’d love to riff off Ravenloft and Castlevania too, one of these days…)

  2. Doing it myself is one sliver of the reason why I’m asking, actually! It’ll have to wait until some things I’m working on are done, if it’s done at all, but it’s something I’m eyeballing.

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