Hello folks

Hello folks

Hello folks, 

I’ve looked around and didnt see anything for this in official or unofficial forums.   This is regarding multiclass moves (seemingly the bane of every system).

Does anyone here do anything with hit point or base damage adjustment after a multiclass is “dabbled?”   For instance, even though there is a difference in the L10 fighter who dabbled in spellcasting and the L10 wizard who dabbled in fighter moves, the damage they roll is very different for non spell moves (as well as hps, but I value this less).  

It seems like a mechanic to move the die one closer to the dabbled class perhaps if 2 die apart, seems like an adequate “fix,” in my mind.  

For example, a fighter who dabbles in wizard spellcasting will shift class base damage down one die type, as wizard base is d4 and three steps away from the d10.  The fighter moves to d8.   The wizard who does the same (dabble in fighter) only moves to d6, which still represents differences in the root background of each character.    

I just wanted to know if anyone else had found issue with this process and how they handled it.  

Thank you for your time, and good gaming.