Orb of Ostrychian Arcana

0+ weight

Discovered amongst the ruined pyramids of their once-great empire, the Orb is a typical Ostrychian artifact – its power comes with a heavy cost. When the Orb is near a spellbook or scroll, it will be drawn to it as if by powerful magnetism. Once in direct contact with the item it will absorb the entirety of its contents and burn right through the original, consuming it completely. The Orb starts as a marble-sized sphere of impossibly reflective silver. With each spell that it absorbs it grows in diameter by about 1mm.

Evidence gleaned from tablets found at various Ostrychian sites suggest that the orb once grew to the size of a city. No mention has been found of how this situation was resolved; but popular theory surmises that the Orb released all of its arcane energies in a single cataclysmic blast, putting an abrupt end to the empire.

When you spend uninterrupted time (an hour or so) in quiet contemplation of the Orb, you can hold up to a total of +X, where X equals your spellcasting level.

When casting a spell while holding the Orb, you cast any spell of your spellcasting level or lower that has been absorbed by the Orb. Spend 1 hold and roll+INT, • On a 10+, the spell is successfully cast, • on a 7-9, the spell is cast, but the GM will tell you one:

• Use of the Orb draws unwelcome attention.

• The Orb requires some form of compensation for its service.

• You grow more dependent on the Orb’s power.

It’s weight starts at 0, but will increase proportionately with it’s size; a grapefruit-sized Orb will have 1 weight.