Finally, another rules question :D

Finally, another rules question 😀

Finally, another rules question 😀

Does Protective Counter wizard move require a number of spells as stakes equal to the number of targets affected by the enemy’s spell? 

Or do you need a single stake spell, while you have to make separate rolls for each target??

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  1. Tim Franzke but the spell says ” If the spell affects multiple allies you must counter for each ally separately.”

    That *separately * HAS to mean something. Can be “multiple stakes”, can be “multiple rolls” , or “both”. This is the core of my doubt. Maybe the answer is “both”. I need a spell staked for each target, and I have to roll for each one to check the forgotten thing.

  2. So, just 1 spell on the stakes, and a roll for every target? What if one of the rolls in failed (6-), and you have other rolls to do?

    (PS Renato, you’ll like the revision I’m doing to the wizard translation)

  3. The idea is that each spell + target combination is another chance to trigger the move. You’re protecting the person, not cancelling the spell.

    So if the entire party gets fireballed you’ve essentially triggered the move for each party member. For convenience, I’d resolve them one at a time, probably by asking the wizard “who do you protect first?”

  4. Sage LaTorra  thanks for your attention! Sorry but your kindly words haven’t fully cleared my doubts. 

    Here’s an example with the things, AS I’M UNDERSTANDING’em right now:

    An enemy spell targets 4 party members, and the wizard is nearby. He tries to save his friends. He stakes just 1 spell. He choose who’s the first “being saved”. He rolls, getting a 10: very good, no problems. Time to choose the second friend “being saved”. He rolls again, getting a 5: hell, the spell hits the friend!

    >> Now what? In the rules is not stated that the spell is lost if the roll is failed, so I suppose the wizard can continue to defend the other friends, EVEN with the same staked spell, is this right? If yes, then I continue:

    The wizard choose the 3rd friend. He rolls 8: dang, the spell is countered but the stake is lost!

    >> Now what? Is the stake lost when all the friend are rolled, or is the stake lost RIGHT NOW? I suppose the stake is lost now, then I continue:

    The wizard has to stake another of his spell to help his 4th friend, so he choose one, then he rolls again, getting another 8, so he have saved his 4th friend, losing another staked spell.

    How am I going?

  5. On a 6- the GM says what happens. The wizard might lose the spell as well, or get arcane feedback, or accidentally enhance the spell.

    Here’s how I’d play it:

    GM: The orkaster hurls a small globe of flame into the middle of camp and it explodes into a fireball!

    Avon: What!? No way, I counter that!

    GM: Okay, but you’ll have to counter for each person individually. What does that look like?

    Avon: It’s not so much a counter as changing the magical potential in the area, so that some areas are less magically-receptive and the fire doesn’t flow into them.

    GM: Cool. We’re going to go through the targets one at a time, but this is actually all happening in one instant. What spell are you staking?

    Avon: My own Fireball.

    GM: So on a 7-9 you’ll lose that, and may have to stake a new spell to continue. On a 6- I can choose to have you lose the spell. You ready?

    Avon: Sure, I’m protecting myself first. Of course.

    GM: Sure, go ahead and roll.

    Avon: 10! I’m safe.

    GM: Who’s next.

    Avon: The cleric, that way even if I fail to protect the others he may be able to heal them. That’s a 4.

    GM: Ouch. Well, you try to shift the magical potential, but the winds of magic fight back, and the area ends up enhanced with magical power. For a first thing, the cleric takes an extra d4 damage. Past that, the area is probably magically enhanced for a bit. I wonder what that means?

    Avon: I guess we’ll find out.

    GM: I’m sure we will. You still have fireball staked, who’s next?

    Avon: Gregor, so he can defend me. That’s a 7.

    GM: Well, Gregor is safe, but you lose your prepared Fireball. If you want to try to save Sparrow you need to stake a new spell.

    Avon: Argh, okay… Looks like this might kill Sparrow if I don’t do anything, so I guess I’d better. I’ll stake my Invisibility. That’s an 11!

    GM: Great, Sparrow is safe, and so is your spell. So in the split second before the fireball you shift the winds of magic, by improvising around your own Fireball spell. Sparrow and Gregor are saved from the fire, but that just increases the burn on Wesley. In the flash of light you see the other goblins all around the camp, they charge is as soon as the fire dies. What do you do?

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