I’m very new to Dungeon World but having a blast so far playing it.

I’m very new to Dungeon World but having a blast so far playing it.

I’m very new to Dungeon World but having a blast so far playing it. What I’m coming to you all for is help in picking or perhaps designing a class for my character. We’re playing in an unusual pseudo-modern homegrown setting and none of the default book classes work well for my concept. I’d love to find a third party class that fits well, or pointing to good resources for designing one’s own class.

Here’s the quick overview of the character: He’s a modern-day human surrounded by elf-like non-tech-using culture. He’s an inventor/engineer/technician that scavenges what modern tech is left in this world to create makeshift tools/gadgets/whatever for any situation. I REALLY like the adventurer’s kit mechanic and thought it would be cool to have a core class mechanic that is similar in its “always have the right tool for the situation” feeling.

Does anyone know of any classes out there that would at least be a good starting place for designing this class? Thanks!

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  1. Sounds like a wizard but you describe your magic as tech in the fiction. Ritual is the right tool for the situation if there’s an outlet to plug it into.

  2. I checked out Dungeon Planet’s Earthling. It certainly fits thematically, but the mechanical effects of the class did not speak to me much other than the Deliberate Expedition move which is precisely what I was looking for more of.

    The Collector from Inverse World on the other hand looks VERY promising! I was only able to find the first page of the character sheet from the KickStarter page though – is the full version of that class out to backers? I like that this has mechanics that specifically interact with the adventurer’s kit and is really themed around collecting and using stuff.

    (And since The Technician was mentioned: I originally planned on using this class and reskinning it to our world, but after a couple of sessions of trying that I gave up hence this thread; the technician is REALLY based around sci-fi tech that is a lot more powerful than I wanted my trinkets to be and I was having trouble reskinning them in a fun way)

  3. Alright, here’s the result for anyone curious! The Inverse World creator very graciously provided me the full version of The Collector, and I also snagged The Artificer.

    They are both really great for the concept, but overall The Collector is just too perfect. They both fit the “gadget dude” role, but the Artificer is more about having a few specific gadgets where the Collector is based around having lots of little things in his collection that can be useful in surprising ways.

    I would have been happy to go with either, but I’ve chosen The Collector. Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

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