I’m writing a class called The Princess and it’s still a work in progress. What do you think of it so far?

I’m writing a class called The Princess and it’s still a work in progress. What do you think of it so far?

I’m writing a class called The Princess and it’s still a work in progress. What do you think of it so far?

The Princess is in the Dorothy Gale or Nia Teppelin mold, with a bit of Zuko and Xena in there for good measure. They’re more of a social class, not even support in fights but rather gathering resources and armies so that they don’t even have to support. This is a class that is all about making friends and changing minds.


Ariel, Odette, Ran, Toph, Dorothy, Belle, Terra, Kory, Rose, Jade, Serenity, River, Calliope, Gabrielle, Mai, Nia, Yoko


Soft Eyes, Sparkling Eyes, or Sharp Eyes

Hooded Head, Long Hair, or Bobbed Hair

Ornate Clothes, Regal Clothes, or Common Clothes

Chubby Body, Willowy Body, or Angular Body


Finding your way home.

Help somebody to find their place.

Righting a wrong.

Help somebody weak to surpass their own limits.

Banished Heir.

Pass up a chance to redeem yourself or to go home.


A poor kingdom

When you prove your worth to a group of naysayers carry one forward to your next action.

A large kingdom

You have been sent to many cities on diplomatic missions from your country. When you enter a new city tell the GM one unique cultural fact about it.

A warring kingdom

Your kingdom’s strongholds are spread throughout the country. Whenever you come to them they will provide shelter.


________ is a former subject of my kingdom.

________ does not believe in themself. I hope to change that.

I have seen ________ in my dreams.

I have seen ________ in my nightmares.



Your Load is 5+Str. You have dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight). Choose your armament:

Rapier (close, +1 piercing, one-handed, 1 weight)

Short sword (Close, +1 damage, 1 weight)

Ornate bow (Near, 1 weight) and quiver of arrows (5 ammo, 1 weight)

Choose your defense:

Cloth armor (1 weight, 1 armor)

Dungeon rations (1 weight) and healing potion

Choose your accessory:

Ornate jewelry (1 weight, valuable)

Adventuring gear

Looking glass (1 weight)

Silk robes (1 weight)


Kick Logic to the Curb! (the tags are meant to be synthesized into a cohesive, positive whole. The positive or more feminine tags are meant to defy the darker or more masculine concepts when the two combine. You could, however, have a darker Princesss with Duty and Sacrifice or something like that.)

Choose two tags which represent your most deeply held beliefs:












When you invoke these beliefs in a rousing speech roll + CHA. On a hit hold 3. On a 7-9 hold 2. Spend 1 hold to ask a friendly NPC to do one impossible thing and they will attempt it. Spend 1 hold to gain leverage over an NPC. Spend 1 hold to roll + CHA rather than + Bonds to aid or interfere.

Inspiring Grace (really not sure of the wording in this first sentence)

When you show an NPC another way, roll + CHA. On a hit they follow your example, but in a way that makes sense to them. On a 7-9 they are not sure, but they are moved by your gesture. You have leverage over them.

Speak From the Heart (based on a move from the Inverse World class, The Lantern, I’ll probably change it up later)

When another player comes to you seeking advice, tell them what you think is their best course of action. If they act on your advice, they take +1 forward. At the end of the session, if at least one player who acted on your advice actually benefitted from it in the end, you mark XP.

Gentle Touch

When you touch someone, skin to skin, and pray for their well-being , roll+CHA. On a 10+ you heal 1d8 damage or remove one disease. On a 7-9, they are healed, but the damage or disease is transferred to you.

Regality and Grace

Your voice and presence are particularly arresting. You have no trouble making yourself heard over chatter, crowds, or other loud noise.

ADVANCED MOVES (more coming soon)

UNICORN (“UNICORN” is written in calligraphic letters and all caps)

You have a UNICORN. Choose one from each list and tell the GM their name.

First name:

Brandy(+1d4 damage)

Marigold(heal +1d6 with Gentle Touch)

Azalea(add messy when in melee)

Middle Name:


Helga(accident prone)

Heavenly(self obsessed)

Last Name:

Diamond(arresting gaze)

Nostrils(well connected)


Prophetic Dreams (shamelessly stolen and adapted from Monsterhearts)

When you lay down to sleep roll +WIS. On a 10+ choose one: the visions are lucid and detailed; the visions show you what you must do, and you carry 1 forward to doing it. On a 7-9 choose one: the visions are confusing and alarming; the visions are lucid and detailed but the GM gets to make a hard move.

They also have two multi-class moves. One for the Fighter and one for the Thief or Wizard.

21 thoughts on “I’m writing a class called The Princess and it’s still a work in progress. What do you think of it so far?”

  1. Ben Jarvis YES!


    Your princess has a nemesis. A villain who pursues them and would kill for something that they have.

    What is that thing?

    A Birthright?

    A Destiny?

    An item of power?

    A power within herself?

    A love?

    A slight committed?

    Choose two tags to describe your nemesis. The GM will choose one additional tag.












  2. I was reading it with but a mild amount of interest. And then I saw the unicorn move.


    Incidentally I’ve been thinking of doing a ba’i class, which is essentially a tribal princess-type of thing. I may decide to shnick a few ideas from here.

    Offhand I think bard’s Arcane Art should be available to all princesses, or should at least be a multiclass move. 😀

  3. Man, all i can say is that this is awesome.  I’m stoked to see more social classes for dee dubs in general.  But i’m also an AT fan, so, yeah.  This is rad.

  4. It’s a few paces away from the D&D paradigm, but it’s also a brilliant idea. A princess could provide a lot of fuel to the story, methinks. Methinks I’m going to kill one of my characters and make the player create one ;p

  5. Colter Hanna I think Possibility covers Science, but curiosity should definitely be in there.

    Eric Nieudan Do it! Then tell me how she plays in your group.

    A Royal compendium class would be fantastic.

    Tim Franzke The Princess is meant to be a specifically feminist class, but I won’t stop you from playing a Princess who is a boy. It just scrambles the themes that I’m going for a bit.

    Tim Jensen Yeah, that could be very interesting.

  6. I love classes that really play with the fiction (like the “Dashing Hero”), and this looks great!  I really love the naming method for distributing tags in the Unicorn move.  If I were to GM this, I might make the unicorn one of a few options for a companion (also a hawk, a giant furry dog, etc.) 

  7. Yours is much further along than the one I’ve been working on. I can send you some of the moves I had fleshed out. My aligment moves went somethign like this:

    GOOD: Do what is best for your people, no matter what cost  you personally may have to pay.

    LAWFUL: Uphold the traditions of your people, despite your personal feelings.

    EVIL: Advance a scheme by putting one of your subjects in harms way.

    Had a few other advanced moves in various states of readiness if you are interested.

  8. SORRY!

    Life has been spastic, this dropped off my radar. I apologize.

    My Human Racial move move was: You are considered to have leverage over any of your subjects for Parleying.

    Was never able to settle on a racial moves for Elves.

    One of the passive starting Moves was: Secrets Study. The Princess could pick from a list of some non-princessy things to have studied in secret, the choice would be reflected by some boon.

    Martial Combat would increase damage die to D8 from D6.

    Linguistics would prevent any result lower than a 7 when using Discern Realities to understand or speak an unknown language and can learn new languages they have translated when making camp.

    There were also things like Religion and Arcane Lore, but these are the ones I made moves for. I found I had more ideas than fleshed out moves.

    One of the Advanced moves was: Anything You Can Do…

    The Princess may use this ability to automatically succeed on any Basic move that was failed by someone they share a bond with, once per game. So if someone failed a Hack N Slash or Spout Lore  the Princess can auto succeed to save the day. Wasn’t sure on the once per game thing but couldn’t find a better way to handle it. Perhaps base it on CHA per game?

    Anyway SORRY again for the unreasonable delay and I hope these help.

  9. Oh, it’s fine. No worries.

    Hm. I like the concept behind Anything You Can Do…, but I think it could be expressed better. Perhaps I could plug it into my Kick Logic to the Curb! framework?

    Anything You Can Do…

    When another player who you share a bond rolls a 6 or less on a move that you possess, spend hold from Kick Logic to the Curb! to carry one forward to perform that move.

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