#DruidWeek  How about some new Lands to hail from?

#DruidWeek  How about some new Lands to hail from?

#DruidWeek  How about some new Lands to hail from? I saw Lizardman Druids in the Dungeon World Guide have access to The Fetid Swamps. And more so, what creatures then come from these new lands to change into?

Some ideas I’ve been knocking around are;

The Blighted Fields

The Iron Forges

The Floating Citadels

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  1. Just a reminder, the current lands are;

    The Great Forests

    The Whispering Plains

    The Vast Desert

    The River Delta

    The Sapphire Islands

    The Open Sea

    The Towering Mountain

    The Arctic Circle

    The Blasted Wasteland

  2. You forgot “The Stinking Mire” in the current land list. Which…. kind of works pretty well for “fetid swamps”, really?

  3. Interestingly enough, my character sheets don’t have the Stinking Mire on them.. I copy and pasted from there. Looks like I need an updated character sheet xD

  4. I recall in back when we were talking about Madness supplements somebody suggested “The Crushing Depths” and “The Starry Void” or something along those lines?

  5. “The Depths of the Earth” is a druid domain on my sheet, not sure how many variations on the Druid sheet are floating around.

    The Blasted Lands (volcanoes, geothermal vents & pools)

    The Cracked Earth (Canyons, crags, etc)

  6. The corrupted lands

    The infernal hellscape

    The heavenly planes

    The ever hungry realms of unlife

    The secret realm of magic

    The place time forgot

    The elvish,orc, dwarf, xxx lands

  7. Thomas Roberts

     Well these I see as a problem simply becasue the inhabitants of some of these lands are inherently magical (or celestial or infernal or etc…) and I’m not very clear on the rules regarding shapeshifting into magical creatures.

    These lands would give me pause and a PC would have to explain how they Druid of Hell or The Lich Lands pretty convincingly.

    In general I don’t associate Druids with extra planar realms, except maybe Arcadia/Faelands.

  8. I think a lot of it would be typically talking over with your GM. And for a lot of forms still natural animals but with an element to them.

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