7 thoughts on “#DruidWeek  Lands Discussion 2”

  1. Tells of The Vast Desert – 

    Sand in the Hair or pressed against the body, giving off an effect of sandpaper.

    Thin and very bony limbs, as if gone without food or water.

    Serpentine Scales and Tongue, despite other forms.

    Leathery Skin.

    Elephantish Ears.

    A Mane and Predatory Teeth ((Which would be really cool in other forms.))

    Hyena spots.

  2. Animal Forms:

    Meerkat – 
     – Scout Out

     – Trick and Feint

     – Burrow into the groud.

    Camel – 
     – Endure Weathers ((Sandstorms and the like))

     – Spit At ((I’m being half serious..ish))

     – Powerful Kick

     – Endure Loads

    Crocodiles – 
     – Drag Down and Ping Down

     – Lockjaw Bite

     – Tail Sweep

    Lion – 
     –  Intimidating Roar

     – Pounce and Rend Armor or Flesh

     – Assert Dominance.

     – Chase and Take Down

    Snake – 
     – Constrict Foe

     – Inject Poison

     – Squeeze through small space

    Fire Beetle –
     – Undermine the ground

     – Burst from the earth

     – Spray forth flames

    Vulture –
     – Attack from the Air

     – Carefully Scavenge

     – Be on the look out

    Bulette –
     – Burst Forth from Ground

     – Drag foe through rough caverns

     – Attempt to swallow whole

    Why stop there, Dark Sun provides some desert creatures, such as the Erdlu, Inix or Kanks which could be inserted into your campaign. Of course this would be subject to your GM, and you’d probably need to do a lot to get such forms.

    Cloud Ray – 
     – Gliding Attack

     – Create Small Storm

     – Take to the Skies

    Dagorran Mindhound – 
     – Psychic Tracking

     – Become Invisible for Short Time

     – Rend and Bite

  3. Wise adventurers fear a World-Talker of the plains or desert, as the spirits of wind are omnipresent in such lands, and one wise to their ways and skilled in speaking with them is never without information about what goes on in their home.

    Wind form moves

     – Slip away from or around something

     – Gust something back, over, or down

     –  Stir up clouds of dirt or sand

    Tells –

    Hair constantly blowing, as in breeze, despite ambient conditions

    Zephyrs stir and dance in wake

    Voice sounds as if carried from a great distance

    Eyes full of the sky (clear blue or cloudy at day, dark and star-flecked at night)

  4. Tell of the Dessert 

    Your skin is always hot 

    Leopard spots

    Thin chitin plates under the skin

    Snake eyes 

    Tell of the Plains

    Your dreadlocks are actually reeds

    Your eyes shin with the power of golden fields

    Your footprints look like the one of horses

    You smell like fresh bread

    The  cheek pouches of a hamster 

    Mouse Ears

  5. Plains Animals 


    Fly over small cracks 

    Carry a rider into battle

    Dig something from the ground 


    Scare insectophobics

    Sting, once 

    Buzz through the air


    Find a hiding place

    Bite through ropes 

    Go unnoticed

    (done a magnificent cloak)

    (fight for what you believe)


    Loose a predator with zig-zagging away

    Hear things with big ears

    Hop away at the last second 


    Pull a heavy burden



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