Animal, beast, monster or mythological thing?

Animal, beast, monster or mythological thing?

Animal, beast, monster or mythological thing?


Here is my interpretation of what would count as an animal for the Druid

– is it part of the ecosystem/food chain of your land? 

– Do they live there in bigger numbers?

– wasn’t it created by arcane/divine needs or if it did; was it so long ago that they have become natural by now?

– does it follow natural instinct instead of being actual sentient/intelligent

– Does it use it’s “magical” or “special” abilities only for survival/hunting?

– Do you consider it an animal? 

The more of those question you answer YES to the more it is an animal. 

Like an electric eel totally has magic powers (they can shock you with lightning!) but it’s an instinctual ability they have, not a spell they cast. Animals don’t do that.

Same thing with a Cockatrice.  

Now let’s look at a Coatl. What are they? Divine Messengers of the jungle gods? Not an animal. Snakes with wings and poison teeth? Animal! 

Just because people think X is a monster doesn’t have to mean they are not animals. Dinosaurs are monsters for sure but animals too. Depending on the region you are (and time) wolves or hogs might be considered monstrous but still are animals. 

“Portray a fantastic world” and “Be a fan of the Druid” 

– all will be well 

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  1. Those are excellent guidelines for addressing the shapechanging move. I’m calling all intelligent creatures off limits for our druid but I could see allowing a unicorn or coatl in the right circumstances.

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