Hi All

Hi All

Hi All,

I apologize if this has come up before, my ability to search on my tablet is limited. I’ve been reading the multiclass rules. They say if you take a move you also get the related moves.

This got me thinking about the fighter/wizard combination. If a fighter takes the cast spell move he gets the book starting spells and one spell per level correct?

Has anyone ever ran this? Did it cause issues or overshadow the wizard in the party?

Thank y’all for your time.

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  1. Yep.

    They count the wizard level from the time they took the move, and no-one gets multiclass till they qualify for advanced moves, so they’re not quite as powerful. But if anyone has any tendency to, uh, optimisation/min-maxing, it’s the move(s) to take. 

    My group has a bard-wizard, and a cleric-wizard. And I feel sorry for my wizard-wizard, who doesn’t even get the same option in reverse.

  2. Overshadow isn’t quite the word. But the wizard certainly doesn’t feel anything like as special as she did before. In particular, I’d made a big deal of the “you are the wizard” aspect of the game, and I made sure there really aren’t any other clerics or bards or wizards in the world; and then, quite suddenly, there were three of them.

  3. I wondered if the multi-class moves would affect the “niche-protection” that seems built into the game. Perhaps limiting them to levels 6 and above would insure that only specialist received the higher level spells?

  4. Adrian Brooks the only wizard bit rang hollow to me when I read it. It was like your the only wizard in the world, except for the other people who cast spells. So it felt like a sementatic point. Is your wizard better at spellcasting at least?

  5. Eric Lochstampfor this question is hypothetical from my end. I’m trying to disect the system. However I was thinking I may restrict the free spells every level. It seriously limits them if they need to beg spells. Or at least make that another multi class move. Says they guy who wants to play a bladesinger.

  6. joshua crocker

    If you’re doing that maybe offering a “Golden Opportunity” instead. Maybe they only really want access to one or two spells and through the fiction give them that spell as an advanced move through a quest or vision or whatever might be narrative appropriate?

  7. If you want to ensure niche protection, you can modify multiclassing moves so that players can only select moves from playbooks that aren’t in use.

  8. The specialist is the only one who gets high level spells. You cant dabble till level 6, so you can only get up to 5th level spells (at 10th level, at that). But I got three guys throwing magic missiles, and soon will have three guys throwing fireballs. It rubs the shine off.

    I might enforce niche protection by only allowing dabbling in unused classes in future.

  9. Only wizard, yes. NPCs have been animators of homunculi, bringers of magical darkness, conjurers for real, and the like I.E. have moves that are magical. But noone else has ever had a spellbook or commune move, and thus the variety that the true cleric and wizard have.

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