Writing Custom Moves On Cards

Writing Custom Moves On Cards

Writing Custom Moves On Cards

The basic idea is that you write/print the trigger for a custom move on one side of a card and the move itself on the other side. The GM lays this custom moves on the table with the trigger side facing up at an appropriate moment (the beginning of the session, when the group enters a certain situation or room, etc). When a player triggers one of those moves, he takes the card, turn it, read the move and execute it (to do it, do it).

You could use this to nudge play a certain way or help the players do certain things they might not otherwise think of doing, for instance:

* When you ask one of the elf-maidens for a dance…

* When you swing from a chandelier…

* When you say a prayer in front of the stone idol…

* When you bet your horse at a card game…

* When you play a chess match with the Imp…

The GM might even temp the players with a bit of XP for taking a choice that is going to get you into trouble, regardless of how good you roll:

* When you examine those green bones in the corner of the room… (1 XP)

* When you challenge the King’s Champion to a duel… (1 XP)

* When you steal an egg from the dragon… (2 XP)

Anyway, I would like some feedback on this idea. Does it sounds like fun? How would you use it? Am I still playing Dungeon World?

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  1. These are great, the incentive of XP for taking a risk and getting into trouble is fantastic. You could also offer hold for the player’s preferred move too!

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