11 thoughts on “Can a Bard gain the Cleric’s “Cast a Spell” move via Multiclass Initiate?”

  1. Yes, and they’d get any moves that’d be needed to use the Cast a Spell move.

    Same with Wizard cast a spell move, you’d also get Spellbook and Prepare Spells.

  2. Feasibly yes. I mean, DM can have the final day in yay or nay, but that’s how it could work. But with the spells you treat it as starting from the level you took the cast spell, so say you take it at level 3, you can start with level 1 spells there, and as you level up to 4, you then start taking level 3 spells. So you can’t just multiclass into the wizard at level 9 and have all the spells. You’d need to work at it.

  3. Actually, learning every wizard spell is going to be a significant effort even for a true wizard. But yes, a level 10 bard with 18s in wis, int and cha, cast a spell from both the cleric and the wizard (so lvl 9 spells from both at character lvl 10), and the druid’s shapeshifting (or elemental mastery) is what I would call a “bardgasm”.

  4. My impression is it’s way too easy to get spellcasting ability for non-spellcasting classes. If you want, you can be just one level behind a wizard or cleric in spellcasting ability, but still have higher damage and other advantages from your class.

    I haven’t tried it yet. I’d like to know from experienced players how this works out.

  5. Never had a problem with it. Wizards and Clerics are always better casters than some multiclassed character. Prodigy/Chosen One and Empower Magic are wonderful. Even if MAD is not really an issue in DW, still you would be investing points in a non-primary, not even secondary stat (for the bard, the fighter and the cleric). Also, anytime you’re casting a spell, you’re not doing what your class excels at. Is it worth the risk of a miss on a move that usually attracts very hard gm moves all by itself just by existing? Well, yes if it’s a fundamental part of your character concept.

  6. You’re only one level behind. It’s a very cheap way to get a pile of good stuff, even if you don’t use it quite as effectively as a Wizard or Cleric. And maybe you do happen to have high Int or Wis.

  7. Keep in mind, however, that it has to make sense in the fiction. The bard has to learn the music of the wild before he can master shapeshifting or whatnot.

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