As I read a list of new DW classes one popped out — The Immortal.

As I read a list of new DW classes one popped out — The Immortal.

As I read a list of new DW classes one popped out — The Immortal. My breath caught in my throat — could it be a Highlander-style immortal, only die if your head comes away from your neck?

Nope. Its a compendium class for you’ve made 3 last breath rolls and not died. Which is cool and all, but its not the clan McCloud.

What do you think would best facilitate a Highlander-style Immortal in the fiction? A base class? A racial option? A compendium class? Or, just narrative causality — that anytime you do die, your neck isn’t attached?

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  1. There’s enough in the concept to flesh out a full playbook I think. I’ve been planning to make an Eternal, which is basically Highlander plus other ageless archetypes.

    The class is less about avoiding death (Because Death in DW is cool) and more about having lived a very, very long time and your connections to the past.

  2. I could see you going the racial option and just giving a racial bonus to Last Breath moves.

    But that’s admittedly boring.

    I think a full playbook could be pretty cool. But a CC would make sense in the fiction, I think. Think about it Duncan and Conner were both warriors before they discovered they were immortals.

  3. Yeah, I’m thinking a compendium class fictionally fits well — you’re just a normal person until you realize you cannot die. With any luck, I’ll work on one.

  4. Here’s my first draft of a Highlander-style immortal compendium class. I’m sure this could be better — let me know how to improve it! Its my first attempt at a compendium class.

    “With my sword and my head held high, Got to pass the test first time…”

    When you refuse to die and realize you are Immortal, you may take this move when you next level up:

    Immortal – “If your head comes away from your neck, its over!” —  You possess “Quickening”, and may live forever. You can only die if your head comes away from your neck. When you go to negative hit points, you automatically roll a 10+ unless you have taken damage to the neck. If so, make a last breath roll to determine how much damage your neck has taken.

    If your neck comes away from your head, you are dead. Your Quickening is released to other Immortals, who gain power from destroying you.

    Additionally, choose from one of these two origins:

    I’m just a poor boy from a poor family — you are a young, new immortal and a mentor will arrive to help you learn the ways of the Immortals OR

    I Remember These Histories — You lived through history. You may use Bardic Lore as the Bard’s ability when you encounter an important creature, location or item you have encountered in your past.

    Once you are Immortal, the following moves may be taken in place of an advance:

    There Can Be Only One! – Immortals walk Dungeon World. You can sense other immortals and holy locations. If you take the head of another immortal, you gain some his memories and may ask the GM questions as if you rolled a 10+ on a Discern Realities roll on your opponent. 

    We Are The Champions – After a battle where you are victorious, you have no time for losers and may quickly recuperate.

    roll + charisma: 10+ Choose 3. 7-9: Choose 2. 6-: Choose 1, and the GM will tell you what else happens. 

    — Heal all your damage.

    — Your allies share in your recuperation

    — Your recuperation is neither noisy nor attracts attention

    — Your recuperation takes an especially quick time.

    Its a kind of magic – You recover quickly from harm. When you recover, healing takes hours instead of days.

    Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me – You have come to the attention of an ancient Immortal Watching Council. They will send a Watcher, who may help you to survive, but will also report your activities to the Council.

    Who Wants To Live Forever – Someone you love has died from old age through your time as an Immortal. Detail the person, and mark XP at the end of every session if you experienced the agony of loss.

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