Speak to me about attributes for Druids.

Speak to me about attributes for Druids.

Speak to me about attributes for Druids.

From what I can see, they’ll want at least a +1 bonus in Wis (given the shapeshifting and all that), but what about everything else? Str for hack and slash seems likely – even in animal form.

What do the veterans of the system suggest?

3 thoughts on “Speak to me about attributes for Druids.”

  1. Well, stats seem to play a more story-centric role in DW. You don’t have a 16 Dexterity, you are quick like a hornet. Also, I’ve heard people talk about the benefit of putting your 8 in the stat you use most. I mean, extra XP! Granted, you’d probably be dead before you can make much use of it, but that’s just semantics.

  2. The druid only deals d6 damage, so it might not even be in his best interest to have a high STR, since melee has more serious consequences than ranged combat, on a partial at least.

    This is a purely mechanical argument. I find that the stats mean very little in DW, so long you don’t rely on your -1 stat. Even with +0, you are more likely to succeed than not, so my advice is to just take the stat you think your character will use the most.

    Want a druid that is excellent at parleying because he is the diplomatic liaison between the forest hippies and the city grogs? Put 16 in Charisma. Want him to be fast and agile, because he favors animals with these traits? 16 Dexterity it is then.

    But don’t dump the stats your class depends on. For a druid, you should have at least a +1 bonus to Wisdom rolls, for otherwise your character will die way too quickly, should you decide to use your shapeshifter move more than once or twice per session…

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