Okay so…

Okay so…

Okay so…

my #FighterWeek  contribution.


I’m putting it in the Compendium Classes section because, well, it has compendium classes in it. It is, however, a campaign supplement with more than just CCs.

It’s not complete, but I figured I might as well put up something to show and say I participated.

There’s a write-up of a main city and its steading tags (as best as I could grok the rules), and three of the six CCs I have ready to go. There will be a brief writeup for the town and keep that are mentioned with their steading tags, as well as (potentially) a new Agenda and Principles (which it was suggested I put in).

Anyhow, here it goes.

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  1. Okay let’S go. I will go move by move okay? 


    When you parley with a display of might you use STR instead of CHA.


    i would change this to +1 forward when you do it since htere is allready a fightermove like that. 


    When you parley with an enemy after striking it so impressively that they are unable to respond, you need offer no promise; the superiority of your well-executed maneuver is sufficiently compelling.

    Does this turn a 7-9 into a 10+ basically? 


    When you strike an enemy with the flat of your blade instead of the edge, your strike gains the forceful tag. A strike delivered in this fashion will definitely knock them off their feet.

    You can ditch the last sentece, that is basicaly included in the tag. 

    It feels strange to me that half of the fighting style is social stuff and not fighty stuff… 


    When you hold a GM Character’s attention with exuberant hand gestures, roll+DEX. On a 10+, you’ve got them completely enthralled. On a 7-9, you’ve got their attention, but you need to work at it, opening yourself up to danger.

    does basically work i think. Maybe it needs to be a bit clearer what is actually happening. 


    When you strike an enemy who is unaware of your presence, roll+DEX. On a 10+, deal damage to the enemy and your presence continues to go unnoticed; on a 7-9, you may either deal no damage and remain unnoticed, or deal -1d4 damage and draw the enemy’s attention.

    The first 7-9 result seems like there is actually nothing happening. When you have poison on your blade maybe there is something happening but… 

    How about damage and noticed or damage-1d4 and unnotived? This might still be to good…


    When you unleash a flurry of small, quick cuts upon your enemy, roll+DEX. On a 10+, you paralyze the enemy, making them helpless, unable to respond to attack. On a 7-9, the enemy suffers the Shaky debility.

    Can monsters suffer debilities? I also don’t really see how making them bleed of thousand cuts paralyses them. 


    When you successfully execute Barrage of Stabs, on a 12+ you cut your enemy into pieces, killing it instantly.

    I would vote this as a big nono. Instantkill isn’t fun. 


    When you crouch down low and take the brunt of a forceful attack, shield first, nothing can deny you sure footing (cause you to lose your balance, for example, or fall prone).

    this one is really cool, i like it a lot. 


    When you carry a shield in each hand, trading off between delivering blows and protecting yourself from them, you can either benefit from +2 Armor, or +1 Armor and treat the other shield as a weapon, dealing your class damage with it as if it were any other without penalty. You must decide this each time you make or respond to a move that involves suffering and/or dealing damage.

    you maybe need to clean this up a bit more? Maybe simply beeing able to treat a shield as a weapon with so and so keywords? +1 armor -1 damage, close ? 


    When you lean your body in time that of your enemy’s strike in order to lesson the degree of injury inflicted, roll+CON. On a 10+, choose 2; on a 7-9, choose 1:

    the enemy only deals damage equal to the base damage die roll result

    you suffer only half the damage dealt by the enemy (rounded up)

    the enemy cannot benefit from superior combat capabilities (rolls only one damage die)

    the enemy cannot inflict a debility upon you

    this feels a bit to much like a mix between Defy Danger and Defend. 

    I would maybe change this to something like 

    When you defy the danger of your opponents attack by enduring under your shields, take+1 additional armor on a 7-9. Or something like that. 


    When you huddle behind both your shields and are reduced to 1 HP, you may defy danger +CON if you maintain this stance and perform no other action; as long as you hit, you cannot be reduced below 1 HP.

    You can already do that, the thing about not beeing able to die is cool though. Maybe combine the two moves? 


    When you harry an enemy by forcing yourself, shield first, inside the space it needs to fight effectively, you may elect to forego the +1 Armor granted by one or both of your shields and take instead a +1 ongoing to defy danger +CON.

    This move seems to mechanical to me and hasn’t enough hooks in the fiction… 


    When you successfully execute Grazing Cut, on a 12+ choose 3 instead of 2.

    See above

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