Fear Moves

Fear Moves

Fear Moves

I wrote quite a few moves now an after looking at them i realised i wrote a multitude of “fear” or intimidation type moves.

I have been reading a lot of Magic the gathering Game Design columns in the last weeks and in Magic Fear bascially works like X. Sometimes it work a bit differently but most of the times it’s at least pretty close.

Should all of these moves be “the same” or is it okay to have moves that create different outcomes along a same path?

Especially Primal Howl and Jungel-Terror Cry are pretty similiar. JTC on the other hand is a fire and forget type move that you only get in certain situations while PW is useable whenever you want to.

The moves

Fear Itself

When you reach into the mind of someone you are Linked In with and manipulate it to appear as something they are absolutely afraid of roll+CHA. On a hit they choose 1

* Back away cautiously, then flee

* Focus their attacks purely on you

* Ignore you as long as you keep up this disguise

On a 10+ you also gain +1 forward against them

Primal Howl

When you howl like the monsters that stalk the night to scare away your enemies roll+CHA

On a 10+ they choose 1

* Flee in panic

* Stand there in shock for a moment

On a 7-9 they choose 1

– do what they think you want

– treat you as the most obvious threat to be dealt with

– barricade themselves securely in and wait

Jungle-Terror Cry

When you infuse your cry with the power of spirits to scare away your enemies, roll +CHA

On a hit they flee in terror but on a 7-9 a bigger threat has heard you and will answer your challenge

(Rune of the Berserker

When you inscribe this rune, name one of the Barbarians Herculean Appetites. As long as this rune is active the bearer of this rune has this move with the hunger you specified. They may burn out the rune to terrify an enemy in sight.)

One other move was allready kicked out

What do you think? Is there a more streamlined and or elegant way to do this? It feels like using the same move for all of them is just lazy design when i could open up different situations instead…

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