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  1. Just next to Gear there’s a small list of examples. Of course, you’re not limited to them. But it gives an idea. There was a post somewhere I saw where someone detailed just everyday animals as monsters which provided a fair few ideas for druid shapeshifting, but I cannot recall where I found it. I will take a look.

  2. There’s no mechanical rules for them, if that’s what you’re wondering. Just go with what’s appropriate with the fiction. A bear gets “Bear Hug” and “Maul”. What happens when you bear hug a skeleton? It breaks into pieces. Maybe it was a defy danger to get into it’s range. Don’t overthink it and make sure your druid feels awesome and it’s good enough.

  3. You can talk with your player and ask them what moves they’d like a particular animal form to have. “What do you intend to do/What moves do you think you should have?” is a great way to just work with the players.

    Ask Questions! It works great! Your player may have a great idea for a move and it’s a great way to mine someone’s imagination for ideas to collaborate with.

    Do keep in mind that to make animal moves you simply spend hold, there is no additional rolling to execute the move itself.

  4. Was it in that thread where someone outlined their system of (1) giving the player one move they want, (2) giving the player one move they don’t want and (3) giving the player one move from left field?

    Or something like that?

  5. That’s cool. When I run World of Dungeons and somebody plays a sorcerer, I let them name their spirits and tell me one of their domains, but I pick the other domain. Frex, at Gamestorm this past year, Willem Larsen ended up with a spirits whose domains were “machines” and “the relentless progress of time.” Guess which one was from me!

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