The shield of the lost soldier 

This shield will only accept the most patriotic and noble wielder. Once you have removed all the ice from it you find it to be incredibly light but able to deflect the strongest of blows and magic. Even more interesting are it’s flight capabilities.

When you throw it at an enemy, say how you do it. If you do it

o by bluntly hurling it, roll+STR

o by being graceful and acurate roll+DEX

o by carefully calculating it’s flight roll+INT

On a hit you deal Stun damage to an enemy and on a 10+ you choose 3, on a 7-9 you choose 1

o You hit an additional enemy (you can choose this option multiple times)

o You deal an additional 1d6 normal damage

o It returns to your hand 

8 thoughts on “#FighterWeek”

  1. When you spend time to train with the shield of the lost soldier you can take these moves:


    Throwing savant 

    When you throw the shield of the lost soldier, on a hit, you can always choose an extra

    You hit an additional enemy 

    Mirror Mirror on the Shield

    When you defend an ally, using the shield of the lost soldier, add this option to the list

    * Reflect an incoming spell or blast back at its origin

  2. And now think about the Fighter with the Blacksmith move that transfers these abilities to his signature weapon (the moves still work of course)

  3. that is kinda awesome because it integrates equipment and advancement moves (much like in MHR, where equipment become part of the character’s stats instead of just being stuff you carry around)

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