18 thoughts on “Hi All”

  1. I’d do hack&slash as usual but without weapon damage bonuses (we’not using weapons, right?) and dealing only phantom damage. That means you don’t kill the enemy in the end, just knock him out. Also, the fiction is the boss, of course :)

  2. I deal with it as Hack and Slash if they describe some awesome unarmed combat action, or Defy Danger if they don’t. Full class damage, and your narration of unarmed combat will justify why it deals so much damage.

  3. Sometimes it’s hack and slash, sometimes it’s just dealing damage.  Sometimes it’s nothing, ’cause you’re an idiot for trying to punch a stone giant in the leg.

    Also, Monks and Battleminds and stuff?  Those guys don’t attack unarmed.  They are armed.  With their fists, feet and mind.

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