I am a very recent DW convert. (I just bought the pdf  from drivethrurpg this morning!) I’ll be playing in my first game under my friend Tobie Abad as the GM. I think I’ll be doing the paladin dance, which is a first time ever for me, in any system (unless blackguards count).

As a way of introducing myself, I guess I’m a latecomer to the hobby, having started in D&D 3.5. I did a couple of Filipino-themed pdf’s for #dnd4e  as a vampire kitten called Nosfecatu Publishing, but with a new edition for that game that has stalled for the time being.

Maybe DW is what I had been looking for. ^__^ 

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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! We got to play last Thursday night – my paladin worships a fire god, and nothing says immune to fire as well as grabbing a heretic and then walking into a bonfire! Hahaha good times. We buckled when we spotted a dragon, though. Never before have I felt the hugeness of a dragon as well as in this game. I don’t think we could have killed it even if we tried!

    I also managed to try out a short run as a GM yesterday. It was a short, one hour run, but basically my players managed to escape a bunch of swamp kobnolds and that crocodile god they were worshipping.

    That settles it! I’m a convert. 😀

    Richard, I’m not sure I can commit to hangout games yet, though I do want to try it at least once. 😀 I’d love a one-shot, or to at least guest in a game once. 😀

  2. “…nothing says immune to fire as well as grabbing a heretic and then walking into a bonfire!”  *Awesome!*

    Fair enough, BJ, I’ll see what I can do about getting a one shot going.  I’ll probably do it in a couple weeks.  I’ll let you know!

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