Finally got the chance to read the pdf over the weekend. Cool, interesting game.

Finally got the chance to read the pdf over the weekend. Cool, interesting game.

Finally got the chance to read the pdf over the weekend. Cool, interesting game.

Newb Question #1: Do ability score modifiers affect damage?

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  1. Yeah; class damage die + weapon modifier + advanced moves can really ramp up the damage, to say nothing of the extra d6 option on a 10+

  2. Yeah, my orc fighter PC one-hit decapitated a key NPC yesterday with a massive damage roll yesterday (ancestral weapon damage plus he rolled a 10+ and chose to do more take damage and dish out more damage plus he gets a racial damage bonus when he chooses to do this on a 10+).

  3. Taking every trick in the book you can get 

    31 damage on an average,

    60 damage if everything comes up maximum

    This number is old though and doesn’t take into account 1-2 tricks and maximised spells. 

  4. Tim Franzke  the most HP a monster can have (ignoring things that are so vast as to not use the HP system) is 33. And that is pretty much only if it’s a Holy Blob. For PCs, the most HP they can get as far as I’m aware, is 30: 18 Constitution, 10 class HP, and +2 from that one Move in the version of the Noble class on the forums (assuming your GM allows that).

    Andrew Scott  the Evil sorceress had two of the party mind-controlled and holding knives at the necks of their boyfriends. The party wizard, the only guy without a knife at his throat, could only cast Dispel Magic on one – but I let him Aid the Thief’s Defy Danger roll to resist the control, because they had a telepathic bond. Four very nerve-wracking rolls (Cast a Spell, Aid, Defy Danger, Backstab) that all came up 10+ and a tiny fraction of a fictional second, the Sorceress was rather surprised to find the entire party still alive and a dagger stolen from her own house firmly embedded in her jugular vein (14 damage to a 12 hp villain!) 

  5. I apologize for intruding, I may be way out of topic, and I’m not a native english speaker so I may have gotten something wrong, or maybe someone else already said what I’m going to say, but let me tell you something.

    Dungeon World, generally speaking, isn’t about max HP possible or maximum damage; it’s about fiction.

    Take a scene I actually played (I was the DM, and the DM is a player, btw): there where 4 big bad lizardmen and another 4 little archers ones, all riding some kind of Komodo’s Dragons. I’m talking 10-hp-2 armor Komodo’s dragons, six of them.

    Then the druid had this idea: he turned into some kind of desert burrowing creature (we were thinking somethink like an Ankheg or similar) and went underground. Then he dug a trap and the rest of the group drove three Komodo Dragons and six lizarmen into the trap; they couldn’t escape, they could do nothing but take damage and pray for their lives (the ones clever enough to do it, anyway). And that’s when the encounter ended: the big lizards were belly up and couldn’t rise again, they were easy prey. The more intelligent ones gave up arms and started talking sense. Of course, it was a first-level improvised encounter. And it was hell of a fun! 🙂

  6. Nikitas Thlimmenos It’s more a question of how the system enables the heroes to suddenly turn the tables on their enemies, or defeat them with a single sword stroke. It’s something that regularly occurs in fiction but rarely in traditional gaming with attrition based conflict models.

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