The Blood Bow

The Blood Bow

The Blood Bow

This bow was originally crafted for an ancient, unknown vampire lord, whose unlife was cut short by a travelling band of adventurers. While the bow does not use ammunition, it draws on the blood of its bearer to create it’s arrows.

near, far, +2 damage, weight 1

Whenever you volley with this bow, take 1 damage, ignoring armor. You can not spend ammo on a 7-9 result, but you may choose to take +1d4 additional damage, ignoring armor.

7 thoughts on “The Blood Bow”

  1. I don’t think it’s bland at all. Only thing I think it’s missing maybe it’s what it looks like. Otherwise, in pretty ready to use this 🙂

  2. Hey! I had a similar bow some time ago in a seafaring campaign for the ranger. Bow of the sea king, made of pearl and coral, with no string nor need for arrows that shoots water darts. It has 3 ammo within you can recharge any time immersing the bow in salt water. Also, it was good enough even underwater.

  3. Alessandro Gianni Well, the “bow that doesn’t use arrows” isn’t exactly an original idea either. But your version is incredibly flavorful 🙂

    I love the “power isn’t cheap” angle on magic items. Let them be powerful enough that the heroes want them, but let them be just dangerous enough that they will think before they use it.

    Basically, I want magic items to be the epitome of offer an opportunity with cost.

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