Here’s my second playbook based on Folktale creatures, The Giant!

Here’s my second playbook based on Folktale creatures, The Giant!

Here’s my second playbook based on Folktale creatures, The Giant!

Originally shared by Adrian Thoen

The Giant – A Dungeon World Playbook

“Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum! I smell the blood of a Smallfolk man!”

Oh the funny little tales the smallfolk tell about you. Little worlds about small deeds, their tiny mouth incapable of truly describing you and your deeds properly. Puny words like brute, thug, beast cannot do you or your heritage justice.

Your people have a duty that goes back into times the smallfolk can only describe as legend. Your heritage is a great part of you, it gives you your magic, your appearance, and your solemn duty. You may be a builder, a grower, a protector, or a balancer. With your magic and your size, you carry out your duty with implacable stoicism.

The Giant is a Playbook designed for use with Dungeon World and Inverse World. As The Giant, you will be towering over smallfolk, lifting great burdens, and using your heritage magic in the service of the age-old Duty handed to your people in the distant past.

The Giant uses Drives and Aspects instead of Alignment and Race, an exciting new way to describe your character!

Drives and Aspects are an exciting new look at Dungeon world classes that comes from the creators of inverse World,  the upcoming book that will have a unique setting for use with Dungeon World. Keep your eyes open for Inverse World!

Starting Moves

Larger Than Life

Your large size gives you both advantages and disadvantages. When you bring your size and strength to bear against a problem, roll +Str. *On a 10+, you choose 2 Actions and the GM chooses 2 Consequences. *On a 7-9, you choose 1 Action, and the GM chooses 3 consequences:


You send someone or something of your choice flying

You deal your damage

You crush or smash an item or object of your choice

You pick up someone or something the size of a human

You clear an obstacle with a great leap or stride

You make an opening that was too small just large enough


Your surroundings are damaged by your actions

Someone you don’t want harmed is put in danger

Something important is knocked out of reach or damaged

you lose your footing or get stuck

you are attacked, or suffer damage from the environment

You draw unwanted attention to yourself or others

Heritage Magic

When you call on your Heritage Magic to fulfill your people’s Duty, roll +Con. *On a 10+, your magic bolsters your action substantially. On a 7-9, it helps, but choose 2.

It’s effects aren’t as powerful as you intended

It’s effects won’t last as long as you wanted

You’ve had to sacrifice something valuable


It is normally very hard for you to hide due to your size. When you stay perfectly still in an environment linked to your Heritage, you blend in and others look right past you.

Unusual Diet

Choose a commonly found resource: Wood, Ice, or Stone. When there is a plentiful supply of your food source nearby, you don’t need to consume a ration when making camp. When there isn’t a plentiful supply of your preferred food nearby, you eat one of your rations, and someone else’s too!

Choose either Enduring Atlas or Hurl to start with. You may take the other as an advanced move when you level up:

Enduring Atlas

When you push yourself beyond your limits to lift the impossible, roll+Con. *On a hit, you lift it. *On a 10+, choose 1. *On a 7-9, choose 2:

The strain harms you, take D4 damage

You are vulnerable to attack

You can’t hold it for long…


When you pick up and throw something or someone, roll+Str. *On a 10+, it lands where you intended. *On a 7-9, the GM chooses 1:

It lands awkwardly

You or an ally is vulnerable

You threw it too soft, or too hard!—A-Dungeon-World-Playbook?src=social_media_link#.UYZq4jwzgc0.google_plusone_share

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  1. Good Question!

    Since you’re a Giant already, instead of choosing a Race, you choose a Heritage. Each Heritage has certain actions, responsibilities, and domains associated with it.

    When you act in accordance with one or more of these aspects of your Heritage you can call on your magic to do something cool.

    The Treekin could make plants grow suddenly to block or trap someone, or help a starving village. The Mountain Giant could reinfoce a castle wall to stop ballistae or catapaults from smashing it. The Bridge Troll could create a magical ward that kept undead out of a house or village. A Jotun could make it snow, or dampen out a fire. It’s a pretty powerful narrative ability since it encourages imaginative use.


    You carry a duty as old as your people. Choose the Duty you have inherited from your people:

    Treekin – Growth & New Life

    You hail from the fertile Hills and Steppes. Your Heritage Magic can make plants grow suddenly and well beyond their normal size.

    Mountain Giant – Construction & Protection

    You are born of sturdy mountain stone. Your Heritage Magic can help build or reinforce structures out of stone and wood to withstand incredible force.

    Bridge Troll – Guarding & Impeding

    You are a guardian and protector of places and people. Your Heritage Magic can block the progress of someone or something until they have paid the price or met your demands.

    Jotun – Inevitability & Enduring

    You are a creature of Ice and Snow. Your Heritage Magic can freeze water and chill even the hottest of fires.

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