Hi tere!

Hi tere!

Hi tere!

I’m running a (insofar) urban Dungeon Wolrd campaign. The time has come to go and create The City itself! I think I’ll use the rules for steadings, but create each neighborhood as a distinct steading and then link them together.

What I do need right now though, is a urban map. Something bif enough, with a river and possibly seaside. I’ll make distinction between the “bad” neighborhood and the rich ones… and I think I’ll go and put the majority of temples into the same part of the city.

So, long story short: need a city map! Help me, google people! 🙂

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  1. Consider breaking it up to leave blanks. You know how, when you go to a city with a subway, you only really learn the area right around each subway stop? Make a bunch of little, focused, city maps for key areas and then make more as you go…

  2. That could work. Only, I think the PCs will leave the city soon enough. And, well, to tell it as it is, my drawing skills are particularly poor and we’re playing via hangout, so… yeah, if I get some smaller maps of smaller steadings, I could link them loosley and I’d gladly leave blanks

  3. for the record, I ended up using a .jpg city map and drawing its edges on a google drive document. Well, of course Daniele Di Rubbo did that for me. I then added numbers and names and little structures. I must say it was not so boring as I expected and the results are good enough!

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