Not a new monster per se BUT…

Not a new monster per se BUT…

Not a new monster per se BUT…

When you stare at a weeping angel, trying not to blink, roll+CON 

On a 10+ choose only 1 

On a 7-9 choose 2 

– It still comes slowly closer 

– Looking at it, you miss something important around you

– Starring at it is not good for your eyes. Take a WIS Debility 

12 thoughts on “Not a new monster per se BUT…”

  1. I think it comes down to the way I interoperate moves. With most moves the negative things that the player does not choose are what happens. Invert the number of options you can choose and then state the options negatively “the angel doesn’t move closer to you” and I think you have something.

  2. When are you confronted by a Weeping Angel, try not to blink.  

    Roll +CON

    On a 10+ choose 2

    On a 7-9 choose 1 

    – The angel remains motionless.

    – You maintain awareness of your surroundings.

    – It doesn’t plant its image inside your mind’s eye.

  3. Well. I’m channeling what’s happened in the series.. It’s a little more story-centric than a Debility, but you could decide that’s what you wanted it to be.. or you could do have the slowly calcifying thing occur.  Up to you.  There might be a better way to word it, though.

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