A Multiclass question.

A Multiclass question.

A Multiclass question.  Page 29 says “For the purpose of multiclassing, any starting class moves that depend on each other count as one move—the wizard’s cast a spell, spellbook, and prepare spells for example.”

This makes sense for cleric and wizard “spell moves.”  I was curious if you thought that Trap Expert & Tricks of the Trade could be thought of as depending on one another?  

I have a player in my upcoming game that is thinking of doing a Bard and grabbing these moves as his first couple advances.  I am curious if I should “bundle” them or not.  Anyone make any calls regarding this in their games?

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  1. A move can be considered dependent on another if it is useless on its own.

    Spell casting, shapeshifting, etc.

    I wouldn’t call the Thief abilities dependent. You can detect traps without also needing to be able to pick locks.

  2. True, I figured it would be something I would be asked =)  So I wanted to get some ideas on what others have done.  Thanks for the quick answer, Adam Koebel, I appreciate it.

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